Apr 26, 2021
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Surgeons in Crimea have created a sparing technique for prostate surgery

According to experts, about half of men over 45-50 years old suffer from benign hyperplasia (adenoma) of the prostate gland, a disease that leads to obstruction of the lower urinary tract. To eliminate this pathology, endoscopic operations with the removal of tumor lobes using a laser are performed all over the world. This minimally invasive method is the gold standard, but it has a serious drawback: after surgery, about 7% of patients develop incurable incontinence.

“We began to perform laparoscopic extraperitoneal access operations, that is, when small punctures are made from the side of the abdomen within a centimeter. A similar method is used by other specialists, but our innovation lies in an intervention technique that does not affect the urethra. Our goal was to preserve it completely, in particular, the muscle pulses that retain urine, ”the Crimean News Agency quotes Sergei Eremenko, director of the medical center of St. Luke of Crimea.

The doctor noted that, contrary to the prevailing stereotype, the minimally invasive operation with a minimum number of incisions does not always mean that it is less traumatic compared to more serious surgical intervention. The use of lasers and other energy sources can cause serious damage.

Currently, the team of surgeons has already performed 35 operations using the new technique. Ultrasound examination and other diagnostic methods have shown that this type of intervention does not cause any damage or deformation, and healing is faster than when using a laser. Now experts are preparing an article for a medical journal, as well as video materials for sharing experiences with colleagues.

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