Apr 27, 2021
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Suresy, kaput! Podukranets-Mordvin declared the Russian Federation a “prison of peoples”

In the photo: Bolyan Sires

In the photo: Bolyan Sires (Photo:

Supporters of the Bandera government in Ukraine have invented a new political know-how. The accusations against Russia of repressions against the small peoples living in our country were used. Someone became the frontman of the process Sores Sires – a representative of the Russian people Erzya, permanently residing in Ukraine.

Sires spoke at the XX session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on Ukraine’s quota, where he stated that Russia is pursuing a cruel policy towards its national minorities. And he called on the international community to increase pressure on Moscow. A representative of the Erzya ethnic group spoke in his native language with simultaneous translation into English. Behind him was the Erzya flag.

“Over the past 30 years, the Erzya have turned from a million-strong nation into a small ethnic group on the verge of extinction. No war, no epidemics and forced deportations “, – argued Syres. The Erzya people “can survive a pandemic, but cannot survive in the Russian Federation,” he whipped, calling what was happening “the last phase of ethnocide.”

The public figure pointed out that in Russia it is forbidden to establish political parties based on ethnicity, have their own universities or study in schools in their native language. You can only dance in national costumes. “Those who fight for the rights of their people are persecuted by the police as extremists or are subject to compulsory treatment in psychiatric hospitals.”– he complained.

For the right to “run into” Russia, Syres thanked his new homeland with a passage that the Russian Federation was allegedly preparing false reports on ensuring the rights of national communities and indigenous peoples in Ukraine, sponsoring disinformation campaigns, illegally changing the population of the occupied Crimean peninsula and intimidating by escalating the war.

It seems that Bolyaen Sires feels overwhelming responsibility for his small people. There is no other way to explain his title “inyazora” erzya (“ruler”, “elder”). Unless there are medical reasons for which there are no open data. Sires was born in Saransk, but lives in an independent, where he heads the Erzya society “Erzan val” and is a co-founder of the public movement “Free Idel-Ural”.

However, Syres is not limited to the struggle for the rights of only Erzya. He is also worried about the fate of his neighbors in the region: Moksha, Udmurts, Mari, Chuvashes, Bashkirs, Tatars, as well as Buryats and the peoples of the Caucasus. It can be assumed that the public figure simply hates the Russians and is ready to protect any national groups from “oppression” – just to be against Moscow.

Syres’s initiative was noticed and highlighted by the regional publication Idel. Realii * is a structure affiliated with Radio Liberty **, funded by the US State Department and fueling separatist tendencies in Russia.

The escapades of Syres are somewhat similar to the accusations of that part of the Crimean Tatars who consider their political leader Mustafu Dzhemileva… They are also fighting with Russia, the Russians, the Russian language in Crimea, not wanting to notice that the Crimean Tatar diaspora received more preferences after 2014 than in all the years of their life near Kiev. Including the status of their language, new mosques and participation in the public life of the peninsula.

Moreover, Syres, like Dzhemilev, absurdly chose the Bandera authorities in Kiev as allies, which outlawed the Russian language by law, even banning education in it. Where is the logic, where is the conscience? Political promiscuity, unjustified ambition, vanity are bad companions on the political path that Syres has apparently chosen. How would the self-styled “elder” one day not be overthrown by his own people Erzya: Syres, kaput!

“SP” told about how to understand the speech of the representative of the Erzya people from the high international tribune former employee of the Russian diplomatic mission to the UN, ex-adviser to Kofi Annan Igor Nikulin

– Let me remind you, after the Second World War Joseph Stalin introduced Ukraine, like Belarus, to the UN as victims of aggression. In the UN, every state, including Ukraine, has the right to various kinds of performances. Moreover, if this person (Bolyan Sires) is a citizen of Ukraine, then within the framework of the regulations he may well act. This is just rhetoric. For Ukraine, this is another way to kick Russia. The enemy of my enemy, if not a friend, then at least a fellow traveler. Nothing new. This formula has existed in politics for more than one century.

“SP”: – One will involuntarily ponder whether it was right to introduce Ukraine as an allegedly independent state in the UN? It turns out that we ourselves have emphasized that our country consists of national pieces …

– The idea of ​​creating independent states on the territory of the former Russian Empire was a mistake, as was the right of nations to self-determination with the right to secede from the USSR. Then the Bolsheviks raised separatism on the outskirts of the empire to fight the tsarist government, and now we are paying the price. Putin called it a “bomb” that was planted a hundred years ago.

“SP”: – In the West, especially in Europe, Russia’s policy in relation to national languages, their state support is considered almost exemplary …

– Europe now supports a complimentary approach towards national minorities, as it promotes multiculturalism. But our experience suggests the opposite – the unified state was destroyed. Is this a success? At one time, Russia accepted more than 200 peoples into its membership and preserved all of them. The Americans destroyed hundreds of tribes, of which only the name remained. If Russia was called “the prison of peoples”, then America and Europe are the cemetery of peoples.

But even if Russia was a prison of peoples, then why take away the prison property? With what you came, with that and leave. This directly applies to Ukraine and some other republics.

“SP”: – For the seventh year we have not been able to return ours in Ukraine. And in the case of “some other republics” we do not even stutter about our rights, although Russians are slowly being pinched there …

– Actually, we are a mono-national country. More than 70 percent of us are Russians. And it’s time for us to end all this multiculturalism. Otherwise, all this will end in the same way as the Soviet Union ended. It is necessary to enlarge the regions and introduce provinces. We had the Tiflis province, the Kazan province etc.

Like the states in America. There is also no Negro republic, Indian, Haitian, Swedish, German republic. By the way, during the declaration of the US independence, the English language won there with a difference of only three votes. The German language could well have been the state language. Because there were as many Germans as there were Englishmen. So what is now to introduce the German Republic and two dozen other national entities? Of course not. They have a territorial principle. And the point.

Our old national policy, despite criticism of it by Putin, has not been canceled. Compared to Russian regions, national regions have a number of preferences. They give less taxes to the federal treasury. For example, Chechnya was completely gasified, but the Moscow region was not. And in neighboring areas, sometimes even stove heating. This is the attitude of the authorities. Big brother somehow has to pay for all the little brothers.

According to a native of Saransk Lyudmila Malinova, the oppression of the Erzya people is a fiction.

– Mordovians live throughout central Russia up to the Urals. Mostly in villages, apart. There were very few of them in the cities. Therefore, they have preserved their ethnos. At one time, the Mordovians decided to create a national republic, cut off territories from several regions and made the Mordovian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. At the same time, according to statistics, more Mordovians live in Moscow than in the republic.

“SP”: – Sires claims that the Russians allegedly forcibly christened Erzya and Moksha Mordovians, although these are two completely different peoples …

– Mordovians, like the Indians, who come in different tribes. There is Erzya, Moksha, and there is Shoksha. And all together they are Mordovians. It is not clear what the Russians can be blamed for. In my school class in Saransk, there was only one Mordovian woman. There were also four Tatars, the rest a la Russians. You can hardly hear Mordovian speech in the city. But in the villages, yes, they speak Mordovian.

Mordovian youth from villages move to cities, converge with Russians (there is no strong difference between us), assimilate and their children become mostly Russian. They say about the Tatars, but this is also true in relation to the Mordovians – rub a Russian, you will find partly a Mordvin. Yet Yesenin wrote: “My land! Beloved Russia and Mordovia! ” And of course no one has ever oppressed them from the word “absolutely”.

“SP”: – Complete friendship of peoples. And they also reproach the authorities for allegedly suppressing the Mordovians …

– They always had preferences. It was the titular nation in the republic and therefore both the Erzyans and the Mokshans, for example, when entering a local university, the institutes had to score fewer points. Moreover, as national cadres, they had privileges when entering higher educational institutions of Union significance.

And when the USSR collapsed and became governor Nikolay Merkushkin (Moksha – Auth.) everything that was possible was done for them. Investments were attracted, cultural programs were supported. There are constant exchanges with universities in Finland, Estonia, Hungary. Later, Merkushkin became the president’s representative for interaction with the World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples.

As for the language, for example, in the best school in Saransk No. 12, the Erzya language is taught to children on a compulsory, not optional basis, along with English. Although there are almost all Russians. The university has a whole Institute of National Culture (now over a thousand people are studying there – Auth.). Beautiful Mordovian fairy tales are constantly reprinted.

“SP”: – Are there Mordvins known throughout the country?

– Of course I have. The same pilot Mikhail Devyatayev, who made an escape on a hijacked plane from a German concentration camp. He was pressed by the NKVD, but stood up for him Sergey Korolev… Devyatayev is Moksha, the 13th child in the family, his mother did not even know Russian. And here he is – a hero, we glorify him, he has traveled all over the Soviet Union with his performances. I myself listened to it twice at my school.

Or, for example, a local sculptor Stepan Erzya (Nefedov), to which a whole museum was specially built so that it could showcase its work. “Erzya” is a pseudonym that he took to glorify his people. All schoolchildren in Mordovia study his work, they must visit his museum, they know about him.

“SP”: – What then does this Syres distort?

– It happens when there is some kind of conflict between the peoples or the people and the authorities. For example, the Crimean Tatars were deported in 1944. But in the case of the Mordovians, there is no conflict. What is this Syres hooked on? He invented it all himself. By the way, take a look at the biography of this figure. After all, he is not any Bolyaen Sires, but simply Sanya Bolkin… Russian by his father. In general, the son of a lieutenant Schmidt

*Explicit.Realities – Edition included 05.12.2017 By the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to the register of foreign mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent.

** “Radio Free Europe” – “Radio Liberty” (“RFE” / – “RS”) – added 05.12.2017 By the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to the register of foreign mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent.

** Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE / CE) was included by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the register of foreign mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent on 05.12.2017.

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