Apr 7, 2021
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Supported a shoulder. How Muscovites contributed to herd immunity

A year after the start of the pandemic, Moscow lives with minimal restrictions. And large-scale vaccination continues in the capital.

Recommend to everyone

The first component of the vaccine was inoculated in Moscow by 1 million people. About 80% of them have already been vaccinated second. Doctors carry out vaccinations on the basis of city polyclinics, in large shopping centers and places of leisure. The city also entered into agreements with 112 private clinics (the vaccine is free there, you only need to pay for the clinic’s services to administer the drug).

“Since the beginning of vaccination, in December last year, we saw its demand among Muscovites,” notes chief physician of the city polyclinic number 2 Natalya Shindryaeva. – Our outpatient center serves the districts of Nagorny, North Chertanovo and Central Chertanovo. On the day of the opening of the first point in the branch on Yalta Street, we already had enough people signed up for the vaccination. In January, we opened the second point. And my colleagues also actively hosted the reception at the Columbus shopping center. We recommend getting vaccinated for everyone. And people over 60 years old – even more so. Getting sick is too difficult a way to get immunity. Get post-vaccination immunity – safely and reliably. “

The doctor’s call is backed up by numbers. “In the volume of hospitalizations, the most significant share is made up of patients over 60 years old. Moreover, in comparison with the beginning of March, when their share was 66%, by now this figure has grown to 75%, ”emphasizes Anastasia Rakova, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Social Development.

Every second vaccinated over 60

So far, the immunity of elderly Muscovites has been formed to a lesser extent in comparison with citizens of other ages. But a lot of retirees come to be vaccinated: almost every second of those vaccinated in the capital is over 60.

The data obtained by the city authorities as a result of the study will probably be able to convince the residents of the “silver” age to be vaccinated. In 74% of vaccinated people over 60, the disease often goes away without symptoms or in a mild form (for comparison: among unvaccinated people, only 24% get sick without complications). And most importantly, the vast majority do not catch the infection at all: of all pensioners who have had more than two weeks after the introduction of the second component, less than 0.1% fell ill.

“I visit the vaccination centers every day. And I really like to communicate with visitors of the older generation, – says the head physician Shindryaeva. – They live in anticipation of summer, a garden. When I approve of their decision to be vaccinated, I hear in response: “We have been vaccinated against various diseases all our lives, and we will do it against coronavirus, it is no different from them.”

Personal invitation

Citizens over 60 are sent SMS messages and e-mails with an invitation for vaccination. Social workers call those who have not yet signed up for a vaccination. “I am now resting in a sanatorium near Moscow,” we are talking on the phone with a pensioner, a resident of the Perovo district, Lyudmila Stepanovna. – I got a call on my cell phone and asked about my plans for vaccination. We often discuss this issue with other vacationers from the sanatorium of my age and come to the conclusion that after the rest our body will be well prepared for vaccination, chronic diseases are not just exacerbated. I will return to Moscow and I will definitely get vaccinated. ”

Also, social workers began to go around the apartments of townspeople over the age of 60. Specialists hand out information booklets to residents, answer questions of interest and, if necessary, help to sign up for a convenient date. Note! Vaccination is free. To make an appointment, you may be asked only for the date of birth and the number of the compulsory medical insurance policy. You don’t need to name your passport details, let alone your bank account number!

Moscow has conducted 20 million PCR tests for coronavirus infection. Adults can get tested for free at one of the 162 polyclinics. Treatment rooms have been opened for children in 45 children’s polyclinics.

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