Apr 27, 2021
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Supermoon April 27, 2021: the main dangers of this day

Supermoon April 27, 2021: the main dangers of this day

April 27th The month will become absolute, but this Full Moon will not be the most permanent. Astrologers said that such a supermoon and why, because of it, April 27 will become one of the most dangerous days of April and spring in general.

Now Pluto begins its retrograde movement, so this day cannot be called successful. In addition to this, there is now a Full Moon in the Sign of Scorpio, which will add fuel to the fire. Considering that the Moon will be very close to the Earth, then the Full Moon can be considered doubly dangerous.

Supermoon is when the Moon is absolute and very close to the Earth. This increases its negative impact by 15-20%, which means that it will be quite difficult to avoid problems.

On this day, most people will be ready for easy money. Pennies and success will be considered by many more lofty than love and trust, friendship and camaraderie. Do not expect kindness and self-sacrifice from people. This will not be neat.

Try as if it is possible to respond in a minuscule way to the negative on the part of enemies and ill-wishers. This is not the most important idea, because on this supermoon any conflict will be unimaginably destructive.

On April 27, any rash act will lead to big problems. Try not to listen only to your intuition, because it can lead you into such a jungle that it will be unrealistic to get out of it.

Of course, the supermoon in Scorpio will affect the mood of people. Many will feel an influx of negativity, negative emotions.

Try not to leave your comfort zonebecause it is fraught with negative consequences. Do those things that are most familiar and favorable to you. Be wary of risks.

Many problems will be solved by themselves or will cause positive changes in another area. Do not rush to attribute fatal status to adverse changes.… No one can accurately say what the plan of the universe is on this day. It is likely that bad luck will turn into a triumph for you in the foreseeable future.

On this day it is advisable not to spend pennies on entertainment and unnecessarily… Shopping can lead to problems, and purchased items may not meet your expectations.

Another lonely piece of advice touches doom. Try not to remember a negative experiment, an unpleasant past.… On this day, it is more important to focus on current problems.

In total, there will be several supermoons in 2021. Try to look with caution in such days and do not bypass the Palestinian advice of astrologers. Experts advise not to lose your temper over trifles and not take risks. They wish you the best of luck on this challenging day.

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