Apr 28, 2021
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Supermoon April 27, 2021: as if the absolute Moon would affect the life of the Zodiac signs

Supermoon April 27, 2021: as if the absolute Moon would affect the life of the Zodiac signs

This super moon will be very dangerous for everyone, but for Aries it will turn out to be doubly unfavorable. On this day, in no case is it possible to deceive people and spread rumors and gossip. All this will return to Aries with tremendous problems and cause serious troubles.

Astrologers call April 27 a seclusion day for Taurus. On this Tuesday, it is more important as if you can run around with people and contact enemies and ill-wishers. This is fraught with major conflicts with large and very antipathetic consequences. On the 27th, it is more important to be in solitude.

The Super Moon in Scorpio for Gemini is the day when circumstances will push them to reckless actions. On such days, things are lost, antipathetic internal changes occur. Gemini will become more sensitive and unstable energetically. It will be easy to piss them off.

Cancers will be negatively affected by this unusual and dangerous Full Moon, but not as badly as people of other Signs. In general, the chances of success in love and business for Cancers on this day will be considerable. The month will give these people a new outlook on life, which may not be entirely unchanged. On this day, you should not listen to intuition.

The universe will make adjustments to the life of Lions on the 27th. These may be some kind of antipathy changes, but what is important is not what will happen during the supermoon itself, but what will happen afterwards. The consequences of these changes will ultimately be healthy. There is no need to give in to difficulties.

The Absolute Month in Scorpio will force many representatives of this Sign to leave their comfort zone. The main advice for this day is not to make spontaneous decisions. Devavas’ expectations can be very high from what will happen, therefore astrologers advise Virgos to be realistic.

On this day, they are greeted by their clothes. Libras need to make sure that the first impression of them is the most important. It is even more important to simply not meet new people, if there is such an opportunity. The month will not be able to harm Libra, who is in seclusion.

The Super Moon can have an extremely negative effect on the mood of the Scorpios, and not only on April 27, but also in the coming days. The events of this day will give roots to future problems. Do not sound the alarm, because failure in one area will help you succeed in another. Even on such a dangerous day, the balance will remain.

Sagittarius should be patient, because the problems that arise on April 27 can rob them of faith in themselves. You may feel the urge to give up everything and give up, but this is absolutely impossible to do. Success is sincere, and the Month will try to convince Sagittarius of the opposite.

For Capricorns, this dangerous day will bring changes in the love sphere. For example, representatives of this Sign can be very disappointed in a soul mate or in a friend. Astrologers strongly advise on this supermoon not to ignore the pleas for help from others.

The changes that await Aquarius can hit their wallet big. In work and business, things will go awry. The month will mix up all the cards and make Aquarius make false decisions. You should not shift the responsibility to other people’s ramen and act ill-considered.

Many problems, which on the 27th the month will send to Pisces, will be solved by themselves. There is no need to take risks and react violently to everything that happens. It’s more important not to do this on a supermoon. The month can force Pisces to betray some of their beliefs and change their relationship to the world. The consequences of this may not be the most pleasant in the distance.

This will not be the only such astrological event in 2021. Earlier, experts told on what days other supermoons await us. Be thrifty on days like this and don’t try to covet yours with any cost.

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