Sep 5, 2022
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Supermarket shoppers constantly suffer from static electricity

buyers are constantly shockedWalking into the Brighton Foodland supermarket (Adelaide, Australia), people can have an unusual experience that scares many.

buyers are constantly shocked

Shoppers are discussing a strange phenomenon on social networks – a lot of people get hit by static electricity in the store. The strongest “danger zone” is observed in the space between refrigerators and shelves with dog food. Sneakers, shod on the feet, also contribute to the strengthening of “electric attacks”. Some people are now afraid to once again buy goods in this supermarket, others are indignant, others claim that static electricity in the store is great entertainment for them and a reason to giggle.

buyers are constantly shocked

The heads of Brighton Foodland said they are actively working to fix the problem. Electricians are thoroughly checking the premises, plus new carts with antistatic wheels are being tested in the store.

The dog became a funny victim of static electricity


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