Feb 24, 2021
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“Superfluous creatures”: the name of Danko condemns the receipt of alimony by women

After the divorce from the woman, the court ordered the singer Danko to pay alimony for two daughters born in the union. The artist’s current dialect holds the view that in everything one must count on oneself, and not humiliate oneself and ask for “three rubles.”

The lawsuit between Alexander Fadeev, who is famous as Danko, and his former particular woman Natalia Ustimenko ended with a decision on the singer’s payment of alimony for two daughters in the total amount of 35 thousand rubles. Recall that the younger daughter suffers from cerebral palsy syndrome.

As if the current name of Alexandra Maria Siluyanova reported to StarHit, 90 thousand rubles were recently debited from his account, then another 180 thousand rubles. When he tried to find out from the bank about the write-offs, they told him that it was alimony.

Maria screechingly condemned this behavior and called it “lawlessness”, so much as if the withholding of large sums happened without warning. Note that earlier in the press there were notifications that Danko for a long time refused to help the woman in providing for the children.

Siluyanova in a roundabout way believes that in life and the provision of children, one should count on everything on himself and shrillly speaks out to women who claim alimony. She herself is raising her eldest son.

“Alimony girls are superfluous creatures, unlike me!” – Maria is quoted by the edition.

The young lady said that after she recently started a two-story house in Crimea for 20 million rubles for herself, and two more studios at a price of about 4.5 million rubles for rent.

“It will bring me pennies. She did not file for alimony in principle, for a century she got used to relying on herself. So much so that as long as someone begs for these same alimony, I buy up housing! I drove my own house in the suburbs, in which I did not live, and all are good! ” – drove Siluyanova her position.

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