Apr 19, 2021
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Super League: football revolution or unprincipled tournament of the rich

The past night has excited the entire football community and it seems that the newfound football history is being written right before our eyes.

Super League: football revolution or unprincipled tournament of the rich

It all started much earlier, talk of a distant upcoming revolution had been around for a long time, but the announcement of the creation of the Super League turned out to be all the same like a thunder from a clear sky. 12 top European clubs have already confirmed their participation in the tournament and faced widespread criticism from the leadership of FIFA, UEFA and the leading football leagues. There were talks about creating an “elite” league back in the nineties, but then it was only about the reformation of the existing tournaments. Over the next decades, the topic has repeatedly surfaced at the level of rumors. However, on this one, as if, finally, everything is very serious.

Who’s in business

Football giants announced their participation in the tournament: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Real, Barcelona, ​​Atletico, Juventus , Milan and Inter. The clubs have posted press releases on their websites, which only confirms the seriousness of their intentions. Super League chefs have announced 15 host clubs, so three more clubs are yet to be found. The German giants – “Bavaria” and “Borussia”, as well as “PSG” have already refused to participate in the tournament – a member of the UEFA board of directors portrays the president of the club. We will also tell you about the relationship of the organization to the tournament. The chairman of the Super League itself is the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez.

Tournament structure

In addition to the organizing clubs, five more clubs will be able to qualify for the tournament – in total there will be 20 of them in the Super League. The missing five will be found at the end of the European tournaments this season. The Superleague will have a somewhat unusual structure – the teams will be divided into two dozen, in which each club will play a friend with a friend twice. Teams taking from first to third places will go directly to the playoffs. The teams that took 4th and 5th places will play each other two matches for reaching the playoffs. The matches themselves will be held in half a week. According to the organizers, this will not hinder the course of the European championships.

Position of UEFA, FIFA and national leagues

The clubs participating in the Superleague will be banned from participating in national championships as well as in continental cups. UEFA, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and football associations have already made statements against the Super League. I agree with them in criticizing the newly-made tournament and FIFA, which called the project cynical and chasing the interests of several clubs. The organization has already warned players with ties to the Super League about their possible suspension from participation in the matches of the national teams.

RPL President Vyacheslav Pryadkin also condemned the creation of the Super League because, in his opinion, it contradicts the basic values ​​of football. RFU President Alexander Dyukov formulated absolute solidarity with the opponents of the newly made tournament.

“RFU supports the position of UEFA, European federations and leagues, fans around the world, which oppose the creation of the Super League. This idea contradicts the basic values ​​of not all football, but the whole European community. The newest tournament will completely destroy the stable system of football development that has been developed over the long years, based on equality and the interests of all fans and members of the industry, ”says Dyukov’s official notice.

Super League clubs, in turn, responded to UEFA and FIFA with lightning-fast appeals to the court. The organizers of the Super League believe that the critical statement of the football associations has been visited to disrupt the tournament.

The reaction of professionals and the public

Most football coaches, experts and specialists immediately rushed to condemn the Super League demiurges. The ex-footballer of Manchester United and the England national team commented on the situation extremely emotionally Gary Neville… “In this situation, Manchester United and Liverpool are very disgusting to me. They go to the tournament, from which it is impossible to fly out? It is an irrelevant shame. We must take power in this direction from the clubs at the top of this league, including my club, ”said the Briton.

Journalist Trevor Azulcommenting on the dismissal Mourinho from Tottenham, said that the day before the coach refused to take his team to training in connection with the club’s consent to participate in the Super League.

Legendary ex-trainer Alex Ferguson believes that the newest tournament will serve as a step backward for European club football. In his statement, he also stated that there was no relationship to what was happening and formulated doubt that this had anything to do with Manchester United, which the Scottish specialist once headed.

Articles from the leading European media were published with critical headlines. “With excessive greed for profit: as if they are trampling on values,” reads the headline of the German newspaper Die Welt. “This idea could have been invented by anyone who really hates football,” writes the English edition of The Guardian.

A Russian journalist also made a critical comment on the Super League Dmitry Gubernievquoted by MATCH TV. “I am totally against it. I think the Champions League is the perfect tournament. As if I am a football columnist, I welcome this format in every possible way. There you can think, for example, to cancel the guest naga rule or, as if it was in the previous season, to play one-one match. However, when the rich Buratino decide that they will play and look down on everyone else, it is monstrous, ”the journalist said.

Football fans, as expected, formed two camps – for and against. At that time, as if the official fan movements supported UEFA and the league leaderships, many ordinary fans will be in anticipation of the championship, in which every round will be memorable, and the football itself will be at a remarkable quality level.

Pennies and everything connected with them

The general sponsor of the Super League will be the American bank JP Morgan, which has expressed its readiness to invest 4.6 billion pounds in the tournament. The key key to the tournament’s income, as if it is revered, will be trading lion on the broadcast.

Key Capital Partners is ready to support the tournament, which can attract additional sponsors. It was reported that the leva on the broadcast for 3.5 billion euros will be purchased by the DAZN brew, but this was later refuted by the broadcaster himself.

The Superleague press release states the amount of financial solidarity for the initial stage of the tournament, which will amount to over 10 billion euros. The organizing clubs will receive a one-time payment of € 3.5 billion. They will distribute it among all participants. Specific figures will become known when the tournament is fully completed. With these weapons, clubs will be able to improve infrastructure and overcome the coronavirus crisis.

The tournament took place scheduled for August 2021. The Superleague leadership has already announced that it is planned to create a similar Babsky tournament. However, the tough position of the football community casts doubt on the very fact that the Super League will “see the light of day” at all. At least the news feed of the coming months promises to be extremely rich.

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