Aug 25, 2022
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“Sunshine” has risen

“Sunshine” has risen

Katya Geiko was in the fifth grade when the physical education teacher invited her to play for the school’s women’s football team.

Of course, the team was made up entirely of high school students. Katya was the only exception. But it was the “little one” who scored four unanswered goals against the opponents, securing a 4-0 victory for her school.

– The fact is that the girls of our school, as well as, however, like our rivals and most other schoolgirls in Moscow, and throughout the country, did not have the slightest idea about football. And I started chasing the ball with the boys from the age of five, ”recalls Katya, now a physical education teacher at Moscow school No. 1018 Ekaterina Alekseevna Geiko.

After that memorable match, the coaches drew attention to the young athlete, with a pronounced attacking style. Ekaterina Geiko’s football career developed rapidly: the Moscow team, the Russian team, participation in national, European, world championships, and many international tournaments. But if the achievements of the Russian men’s football team can hardly be called modest, then you can’t say the same about the women’s professional team. But in amateur women’s football, the results are much more significant – last year, Russians in Brazil won gold at the World Championship among amateurs.

– Women’s football in our country is on the margins of other sports, – says Ekaterina Geiko. – There are no coaches, there are practically no youth sports schools for this sport, there are very few tournaments. Amateur football is based solely on the enthusiasm and initiative of those who love this wonderful game. In other countries, tens of thousands of fans gather for women’s football matches – no less than for the games of volleyball, basketball and handball players. I remember our team came to America. They played against the team of some provincial university. We have the entire color of our women’s football in our roster, and the usual student team lost all matches.

Ekaterina Geiko is an active person. She doesn’t want to accept the status quo. Geiko decided to create a new team, an amateur ZhFK – a women’s football club, which will mainly include those players who were part of the Russian national team at one time.

– It seems embarrassing to ask women about their age, but nonetheless… What is the average age of the players of the new team? asked Catherine.

– Twenty-five years, so that in amateur sports we can hold on for another good ten years. And not just hold out, but loudly declare yourself.

First of all, Geiko shared her idea with Olga Vladimirovna Alekhina, Deputy Director of the State Budgetary Educational Institution of the City of Moscow “School No. 1018” (the officials who came up with such an idiotic name for our school and the kind word “school” that is familiar to our ears) would be put on trial and her number was put in quotation marks – author’s note).

Together with Olga Vladimirovna, they went for advice to a well-known Russian businessman and philanthropist, an honorary resident of Solntsevo, the president of two largest Russian charitable foundations, Sergei Anatolyevich Mikhailov. The former athlete himself, master of sports in Greco-Roman (classical) wrestling, S.A. Mikhailov unconditionally supported the idea, promised to help, and immediately fulfilled his promise by deed – allocated funds for tailoring sports uniforms for the team, established a special prize for the upcoming tournament . After some disputes and discussions, the new team was named “Solntsevo”.

It must be said that from the first days of the creation of the Charitable Foundation “Uchastie”, which has been permanently headed by Sergei Anatolyevich Mikhailov for about thirty years, helping athletes, athletes with disabilities, sports organizations, including school ones, has been one of the important activities of the foundation.

– Of course, in the spiritual formation of a person, faith is above all. But sport also plays a very important role. Not only in the physical development of a person, but also in the strengthening of important human qualities, – says S.A. Mikhailov. – I am a patriot of my country, and a patriot of my small homeland – Solntsev, where I was born and raised, with whom my life is inextricably linked to this day: our foundation patronizes veterans of the Great Patriotic War of the region, helps schools, hospitals, poor people, sports organizations. I am proud that in the very center of Solntsevo, together with my comrades, I built the temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh, the image of which now adorns the T-shirts of the Solntsevo team.

And again a question to the playing coach of the new team Ekaterina Geiko:

– I understand that forecasts in sports are even more ungrateful than weather forecasts. But you have some plans…

“Of course there is,” Ekaterina replies. – In the near future we will try to organize a tournament of amateur teams. At school No. 1018, where I work, there is a good football field. It is not very suitable for match games, but for training it is ideal! Soon the championship of Russia among amateur teams will be held in Sochi. Our goal is not just to take part, but also to win.

– No more, no less – just win?!

– I know what I’m talking about. The girls who have expressed a desire to play in the Solntsevo team are the best players in modern women’s football in our country. Therefore, we intend to storm the top of the Russian championship from the first time. In addition, the victory will open the way for us to participate in the European Championship. But we are not going to limit ourselves to football, so to speak, classical, – continues E. Geyko. – Soon a women’s beach soccer tournament will take place in Korolev near Moscow; We will also apply for mini-football competitions …

– But excuse me, Ekaterina, – As far as I know, each of these three species has its own, as they say, rather narrow specificity. And, as a rule, those who play beach soccer don’t play classic soccer, as you said. Yes, and mini-football has its own characteristics.

– You are absolutely right. There are specifics, and each type has its own players. And we want to break this stereotype. In the end, in the end, and classic, and beach, and mini – this is ultimately football. And we love him.

A new team, Solntsevo, is rising in the football firmament. Its creators have big plans. We believe that the girls will be on the shoulder. And the team will have much more fine sunny days than rainy ones.

Konstantin Avdonin.

Back to posts: football players of the Solntsevo team at a meeting with the chairman of the Charitable Foundation “Uchastie”, an honorary resident of the district, Sergei Mikhailov. To the right of Mikhailov is playing coach Ekaterina Geiko, and to the far right is Olga Alyokhina, one of the team’s organizers.

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