Apr 19, 2021
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Sun conjunct Mercury on April 19: the dangers that await us this Monday

Sun conjunct Mercury on April 19: the dangers that await us this Monday

This Monday is not going to be the best Monday. Astrologers note that now the Sun will enter into conjunction with Mercury, and depicts this aspect as extremely unfavorable.

The energy of Mercury will now increase, but the most antipathy sides of this planet are activated. The sun knows emotions, but today they will be more negative. All because of the connection of these two celestial objects. This aspect of the eyelids brings out all the most awful things. Be extremely frugal.

The first and foremost danger of this day is flourishing of gossip, hypocrisy and deceit… On this day, people will be as clumsy as possible, dishonest and ready to go to any tricks in order to achieve their rounder. Also, ringing and deception are possible due to the presence of grievances and the desire to blast. Be extremely frugal in dealing with those people whom you once crossed the road. Now they can try to return the favor to you.

Opening love triangles… It is possible that on this day many of us will have to meet with treason. This could have been included in the previous point, but cheating on such days can happen spontaneously, without regard to unintentional. Actually, therefore, it is more important to adhere more sincerely to the second half and away from strong drinks.

Information attacks… On this day, you can catch a virus on the Internet. Be more thrifty with external storage media, check them for viruses before use. Also, do not follow dubious links and delete spam. It will not hurt to change passwords in the mail, on social networks. Araps can also wield through the phone. Do not transfer pennies to anyone, be extremely attentive and collected.

Try to tell the whole truth and not deceive anyone for your profit.… This can turn into huge problems in business and in love. You can lose friends and respect from colleagues.

Despite the fact that now you need to be more sincere to your loved one, you should not limit his freedom, be jealous, arrange interrogations and put pressure on him… Everyone should go about their business, without reproaches, abuse and negativity. Astrologers also advise that it is possible to make your children do something around the house a little bit more.

Refrain from shopping… Mercury in decline will not be able to protect you from problems in time. It is likely that you will make a purchase that you will regret later. Actually, therefore, now it is better to postpone this.

Try to look at life through the prism of optimism… The most different disagreeable or unexpected things can happen, but all the bad things will remain in this day and will not go further if you do not allow it to happen. Just hope for the best.

Try not to deviate from the standard daily routine… Now the risks will turn into tremendous troubles for you, a decrease in productivity. In no case change your plans for the day, because this is fraught with new problems.

Despite all the dangers, astrologers and experts note that now it is possible to receive the blessing of the Universe for future victories. The devil is that on such days, what is spoken fractionally becomes a reality. The power of the word is now portrayed as the most powerful and effective. Talk about positive things and about ambition, bypassing antipathy topics in Palestine.

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