Sep 9, 2021
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Summit of White Coats

America resists vaccination. As of July 15, according to sociological studies, almost 29% of the country’s adult population was against COVID-19 vaccinations. About the same number of “refuseniks” in the group of economically developed countries was in France. Among the opponents of total vaccination are ordinary citizens, politicians, lawyers. And also doctors, including very reputable ones. Some I’ve written about – Dr. Peter McCullough (Dr. Peter McCullough), physician Vladimir Zelenko, physician and biologist Joseph Mercole (Joseph Mercola)

In August, the name of another American physician was announced. This is the doctor Ryan Cole, native of Garden City (Garden City), New York State. Certified pathologist and histologist, wrote a thesis in immunology.

His speech at the beginning of August at the White Coat Summit had a wide resonance. The meeting was held in Tennessee on the initiative of Republican Senator Janice Bowling, who is pursuing a policy to prevent same-sex “marriage” in the state. Currently, her focus is on the problem of vaccinations against COVID-19. She opposes compulsory vaccinations and vaccination plans for children. Achieved that adults in Tennessee can refuse vaccinations for religious reasons. Managed to make staff changes in state health authorities, removing the most zealous supporters of vaccination.

At the beginning of the Summit of White Coats, the most famous participant was considered Robert Wallace Malone, a virologist and immunologist who denies the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Peter McCullough participated in the meeting via video link. However, the main figure of the meeting was Dr. Ryan Cole.

At the beginning of his speech, Dr. Cole recalled that, according to the American information system VAERS, more than 11 thousand people died from vaccinations (this is at that time; now the figure is close to 14 thousand). And he reported the news: at last, an autopsy was performed on the first of 11 thousand who died after vaccination. The American authorities, especially agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), insist on the complete safety of vaccines used in the country. However, more than 11 thousand people have already died (this is official data, the actual number of victims is much higher): it means that it is necessary to find out the reasons. The first thing that helps here is an autopsy. And now, more than seven months after the start of vaccination, after thousands of deaths – the first autopsy. From Cole’s point of view, this practice is criminal.

Cole is not opposed to vaccines as a method of preventing infectious diseases. He is against the pogrom of medical science, when the axioms of medicine are violated. He continues: “All the answers can be found at the autopsy. But if we don’t look, we won’t find them. And if they tell us: no, we don’t need an autopsy, the vaccine has nothing to do with it, don’t look here? How, then, will we know? ” Billions, Cole says, are being spent on vaccine advertising and universal vaccination advocacy. At the same time: “Where are the billions for autopsies? Where are the billions for research? I repeat: where are the autopsies? “

Ryan Cole recalls that the drugs used in the United States are not vaccines, they are experimental drugs: “They avoid the word experimental when they say: approved for emergency use. They try not to speak the way they are. That this is an experiment on humanity “… Manufacturers should be held responsible for the negative consequences of the use of experimental drugs, but the US authorities have provided companies with Big Pharma an indulgence exemption from liability.

Ryan Cole advocates that the French system of law applies to the vaccines used. This presupposes the presumption of guilt of the drug manufacturer in the event of negative consequences of vaccination. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the drug to prove that the health problems that occurred after the injection were not caused by the vaccine. The opposite is true in America today. People who became disabled after vaccination and relatives of those who died after vaccination humiliatingly walk through the courts, seeking the truth.

As a physician, Cole confidently says that the drug that is injected into the human body is not a vaccine. What is called vaccination today is the injection of a spike protein into the body, but without the body of the virus: “He (spiny protein .- VC.) circulates with your blood and enters many organs in the body … When laboratory animals were injected with this spike protein without a virus body, it caused the same disease as Covid-19 … The same lung damage, vascular damage, heart disorders, brain disorders. The spike protein is the toxin. Let me ask you again: why do we inject something into the human body that is a toxin? It’s a toxin. It causes illness. This is not a vaccine. “

The toxin causes microthrombi and inflammatory processes in the brain, heart, lungs, liver, ovaries, kidneys. Here is a snippet of Cole’s discussion of brain damage: “The spike protein crosses the blood-brain barrier. But I like my brain the way it is. And I don’t want my brain cells to be damaged. Why inject a toxin into the human body that will damage the blood vessels of the brain? “

Vaccination for children and adolescents is especially dangerous: “What about the kids? Inflammation of the Heart … Let’s inject children with a toxin that will kill their hearts for the rest of their lives. Stop and think. This is madness!”

Cole accompanied his speech with a number of posters that help to understand the processes occurring in the human body after taking a vaccine. What he says is consistent with the statistics of countries where vaccination has advanced far: there is an increase in cases with a diagnosis of “COVID-19” after vaccination. This is especially evident in the example of Israel.

Cole notes that the drugs injected into millions of Americans build immunity, which, first, is very short-lived; secondly, a narrow profile. In his laboratory, Cole records the rapid growth of other infectious diseases that could overshadow the “pandemic” tomorrow. Cole says he has been keeping track of his health statistics for years. Here is a detail of his speech: “I have noticed an increase in the incidence of uterine cancer by 10-20 times over the past 6 months. I keep comparative statistics from year to year. When did you start getting vaccinated? In January”… Drugs called vaccines have not undergone full-fledged clinical studies, and therefore predicting the long-term consequences of vaccinations is a thankless task: “How much will the incidence of solid cancers increase in the next few years? Probably a lot. The truth is, we don’t know. Sometimes this is the most honest answer in medicine. Don’t trust a doctor who says he knows everything. Find another “

Cole figuratively calls this vaccination “syringe rape.” The doctor goes beyond a purely medical discussion of the problem. He believes that fundamental human rights are being violated: “We need to stop coercing employees. On what grounds do hospitals and other employers dare to say: you cannot work with us if you do not agree to participate in an experiment on humanity? Read the 1947 Nuremberg Code. It is violated in relation to our nation, our people “

PS Honest and courageous, Dr. Ryan Cole has many supporters. In mid-August, in one of the counties of the state of Adaho (county County of Hell) elections were held for new members of the Health Council. Ryan Cole became one of them. Ryan’s candidacy was fiercely campaigned in the county and throughout the state, but his supporters triumphed. Common sense and desire to survive won out. After all, Cole is not just a critic of vaccinations. He knows how to treat people diagnosed with COVID-19. The drug he uses for treatment is called “ivermectin”. FDA refuses to register this drug and secretly banned its use. The story is the same as with the drugs used by Peter McCullough, Vladimir Zelenko and other American doctors who achieve an almost 100 percent positive result. There is nothing surprising. The emergence of effective treatments for COVID-19 on the American market would make a universal vaccination of Americans absurd.

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