Nov 18, 2022
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Sukachev told what horrors Ivan Okhlobystin experienced in the Donbass


Actor Ivan Okhlobystin went to the front with his family.

Garik Sukachev and Ivan Okhlobystin have been friends for many years. Although the singer is not unanimous with the actor on some political issues, he respects his courage.

Ivan Okhlobystin came to Donbass with his wife, daughter and her husband in September to shoot a documentary. The head of the DPR Pushilin was surprised by the decision of the 56-year-old actor. “Those who come to us now are usually not allowed in by their wives, and Ivan Okhlobystin even brought his wife Oksana to Donbass with him. Also a daughter and son-in-law“, he shared.

Ivan’s friend, Garik Sukachev, is also shocked by this. Okhlobystin told him in colors what he encountered in dangerous territory.

Ivan Okhlbobystin with his wife - photo from the archive -
Ivan Okhlobystin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Ivan was given a combat pistol and was told: “You guys are where the hostilities are going on. And here is Ivan, dear, what you have to do. You have to shoot your wife, your daughter, this guy, and then yourself. Because captivity… you have no idea what will happen to you… And for two weeks a man is here with a gun… You and I were not there, but he was.

Okhlobystin told a lot about what he saw at the front. “I told you just a little bit. I heard about atrocities and saw pictures of atrocities“, – added the musician in an interview with Nikolai Solodnikov.

The performer remembered the scandalous statement of the actor on Red Square. “Do you know when that performance was? Two days later. I don’t make excuses for anyone. This is my best friend, and I have the right, like you, to treat these words with horror, knowing my friend, loving him to the point of exhaustion, because he is a brave and courageous person.”, he explained in the Solodnikov YouTube channel.

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