Apr 23, 2022
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Suddenly, Kamala will fly in a blue helicopter …

Arrives, suddenly, Kamala in a blue helicopter ...

Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

To begin with, it is necessary to recall what a cargo cult is. This is when the natives copy – as they themselves understand – certain essences and objects of “white people”, endowing them with mystical properties in their imagination.

For example, during the US Pacific campaign against the Empire of Japan, on some islands, local residents built “airplanes” or even entire “airfields” from grass, palm leaves and other improvised material, expecting that the buildings would “come to life” and “bring” valuable cargo . (After all, the natives watched with their own eyes how it was taken out of the “transporters” or dropped by parachutes). Actually, cargo cult literally means “worship of cargo”.

Alas, time passed, and the new cargo “did not arrive”, although who would have thought – from the locals, of course, because all the necessary ritual actions were performed – here it is, “a straw bird with wings.” What is it for? Yes, to the new “stop list” of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The statement on the official website of the diplomatic department is formidable: “In response to the ever-expanding anti-Russian sanctions, under which the administration of John Biden brings an increasing number of Russian citizens – both officials and their families, and representatives of business circles, scientists and cultural figures – 29 Americans are included in the “stop list” from among top leaders, businessmen, experts and journalists who form the Russophobic agenda…”.

So, from now on and more “never” (entrance is closed indefinitely) they will not be able to cross the Russian border: US Vice President Kamala Harris, and her husband – too; chief “muzzler” Mark Zuckerberg; Bank of America Chairman Brian MoinhanWhite House chief of staff Ronald Klein etc.including heads of certain corporations and media personalities.

It would seem – “symmetrically”. But what a nuance, for some reason, in the Soviet era, the United States often imposed “sectoral sanctions” against the USSR and never “personal” ones. Probably, the Yankees (who cannot be denied pragmatism) understood that it was pointless to “impose” on the Politburo or “red directors”. But the Russian Federation is a completely different matter. And “restricts” the one who has such opportunities and has some reason for this, but not vice versa.

All of the above American citizens (as well as any others) the Russian state could not let into its territory without any explanation of the reasons, and even more so, without loud statements. Perhaps it would be even more annoying for them if Zuckerberg or the Harris spouses thought of suddenly welcome to Russia, after all their “Russophobia”. Logically, they should be “punished”, not “laughed”.

Because if they never intended, then all the menacing steam will turn into a whistle. Like ritual “action” is made. Same as “they”. However, the “payload” did not arrive. But for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a “tick” in the report: already, we poured pepper on their tail! Know ours!

And the conversation here is not about “keeping silent”, but about how to “answer”. So that later it would not be painfully sarcastic. “Mirror response” is almost always (with very rare exceptions) a simulation, a short-term effect on the public, and not efficiency for the result. If you don’t believe me, arrange the chess, repeat the moves after your opponent and see what it will lead to quite quickly. If you don’t like chess, exchange “symmetrical” blows to the jaw with a big guy who is healthier than you.

The one who makes the first move does it prudently, knowing when, where and why. The effect of surprise is on his side. And with the “mirror” of counteraction, the competitor (enemy) is aware of what damage is expected, how to minimize it in advance, or set up a counter trap.

If you do not want “escalations with repetitions”, then a reasonable strategy is precisely that in unexpected “asymmetry”. Or “skip a move”, without exchanging for nothing, and at the next threat, answer ten times. Don’t know, don’t know how, are you afraid? Then it’s even more stupid to puff out your cheeks and feign a “menacing look”.

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