Dec 30, 2020
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Subsidies and grants for almost ₽3 billion approved by Moscow SMEs in 2020

More than 3 thousand applications for subsidies and grants for representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been approved in Moscow this year. This was reported by the Deputy Mayor of the capital Natalia Sergunina.

According to her, the volume of support for SMEs amounted to almost 3 billion rubles. During the current year, the number of grants has doubled – from 7 to 14, opportunities for their receipt have increased. A concessional lending program has also begun to operate.

It is noted that the most popular subsidy for franchisees in the capital. With its help, entrepreneurs can recover part of the cost of leasing or purchasing equipment, payment of utilities, payment of a loan for the maintenance and development of activities. This subsidy was provided to more than 730 companies, over 604 million rubles were allocated for them.

There was a demand for a subsidy to compensate for the costs of participating in exhibitions. Applications for payments were approved by almost 540 companies, and the total amount of funds provided to them exceeded 116 million rubles.

In the food sector, thanks to subsidies, it is possible to return part of the funds spent on promoting products through food delivery services. For 536 establishments that received subsidies, 180 million rubles were allocated. Online promotion can also be partially reimbursed. Such an opportunity appeared in the spring of 2020, payments amounted to over 96 million rubles.

In addition, organizations in the spheres of sports, culture and leisure, as well as social enterprises received compensation for spending on utility bills, payments on loans, for the purchase or leasing of equipment.

It also clarifies that a special subsidy has appeared in Moscow for residents of technoparks and members of the Moscow innovation cluster. They can receive compensation up to 10 million rubles in case of leasing or purchasing equipment, as well as paying interest on loans for the purchase of equipment and development of activities. Such support in the outgoing year was provided to 236 companies, which will receive a total of 434.4 million rubles.

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