Jan 11, 2022
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Su-35, Su-24 MK, modernization of the MiG-29: Which aircraft Iran will buy from Russia

In the photo: Su-35 fighter

In the photo: Su-35 fighter (Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS)

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi prepares for an official visit to Moscow to sign an agreement on strategic cooperation for the next 20 years. Raisi may leave Moscow with the largest arms deal in Iranian history, worth $ 10 billion, which will redraw the entire military-political map of the Middle East.

“Russia, China and Iran” – a new triangle of power

Ibrahim Raisi took office in August after winning almost uncontested elections. Raisi is a representative of extremely conservative Iranian circles, who is in the position of toughening confrontation with the United States and other Western countries. Raisi advocates traditional religious values ​​and a policy of economic independence for Iran under Western sanctions.

Even before the election of Raisi, Iran began to actively converge with China, having signed an agreement on comprehensive cooperation in March 2021. The signing means that Iran will now be a full-fledged participant in China’s Belt and Road Global Initiative, which will invest in transport infrastructure.

However, the details of the agreement were not disclosed. Meanwhile, the Chinese media and experts reported that the Celestial Empire is preparing to invest in the Iranian economy an amount equivalent to $ 400-450 billion, although the investment will be stretched over a period of 25 years.

The signing of the agreement sparked a boom in conspiracy theories, clearly inspired by the West. Moreover, some conspiracy theories were openly schizophrenic – up to the deployment of Chinese military bases in Iran or the alienation of a number of island territories in the Persian Gulf from Iran in favor of China.

The details of the agreement that Raisi is preparing to sign with Moscow, on the contrary, are already generally known. True, priority will be given not to infrastructure development, but to military-political cooperation. Thus, Moscow intends to sign an arms supply agreement with Iran worth about $ 10 billion.

France Hurry: there are more and more common ground between Iran and Russia

Preparations for the official visit have already begun. For the first time, the preparation of a strategic agreement was announced back in October 2021 by the official representative and director of the Center for Public Diplomacy of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Said Khatibzade

And at a press conference on December 28, the press secretary of the Iranian government Ali Bahadori Jahromi announced that the Deputy President for Political Affairs would visit Moscow in early January to prepare for Raisi’s upcoming trip. The press secretary of the Russian president confirmed the preparations Dmitry Peskov

There are more and more points of contact between Iran and Russia, and they will be discussed during Raisi’s visit to Moscow, writes France Press. This is, in particular, the joint support of the regime Bashar al-Assad in Syria, as well as a common position in relation to the domination of the Taliban in Afghanistan (the Taliban movement is recognized as terrorist and is prohibited in Russia).

In addition, Russia is also involved in nuclear negotiations with Iran. In 2015, Russia became one of the guarantor countries of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan. Russia also acts as a guarantor in new negotiations to resume the deal, which was unilaterally severed by the President of the United States. Donald Trump… Russia at the Vienna talks is represented by the Ambassador to the IAEA Mikhail Ulyanovwho fully supports Iran’s position

TRT: Iran will ask Russia for discounts on weapons

Russia’s military support for Iran following the bilateral talks between Putin and Raisi in Moscow may become unprecedented, the Turkish edition of TRT analyzes.

Following the lifting of the UN arms embargo, Tehran announced that it had acquired advanced Russian weapons. The emphasis on the uniqueness of contracts in this area was made by the Chief of the General Staff of Iran Mohammad excavators during his autumn trip to Russia. The military leader, however, then made a reservation: the ties between Moscow and Tehran, of course, are strong, but “have not yet reached the stage” of the formation of a military bloc, Bagheri quotes the TRT edition.

Tehran now expects to acquire at least 24 multipurpose Su-35 fighters. Moreover, the seriousness of Iran’s intentions is evidenced by the fact that the Iranian Air Force has already selected three dozen pilots who will learn to fly the Su-35.

If Moscow and Tehran succeed in reaching an agreement on supplies at the January talks, preparatory work will begin almost immediately. In addition, Tehran intends to achieve an extension of the service life, repair and modernization of two dozen MiG-29 aircraft and 25 Su-24MK aircraft, which are in service with the Iranian Air Force.

TRT also speculates that the Iranians may request Russian S-400 air defense systems. However, the discussion of the deal could become a test of the strength of relations in the Russia-Iran-Israel triangle: it is believed that Tel Aviv and Moscow have gentlemen’s agreements on limiting the sale of modern weapons to “unreliable” countries.

There is another controversial issue: TRT quotes the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslana Pukhova, which believes that Iran, still under Western sanctions, may have problems with settlements on such large contracts. “The Iranians will ask us for discounts on weapons,” Pukhov said. Question: on what conditions ?!

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