May 19, 2020
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Strong wind was raging in Kiev – photo of consequences

In Kiev, the wind tumbled down 25 trees - Facebook photo

Bad weather in Kiev - as a result of gusts of strong wind in the capital, it was ordered 25 trees. Still 18 the trees were damaged.

As KP ​​Kievzelenstroy writes on Facebook, the first messages about fallen trees began to arrive at the emergency dispatch service yesterday in 16: .

Kievans reported 00 of fallen trees.

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"Workers of the regional Communist Party of UZN counted more 22 fallen trees and 16 damaged in their balance sheet territories. Desnyanskiy district - it fell 10 trees, but the Goloseevsky district the weather has passed. Territory cleaning continues, "said in Kievzelenstroy.

According to the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, cloudy weather will remain in Kiev until the end of the day, no precipitation is expected .

  • Bad weather in Kiev 16 May)

  • Bad weather in Kiev 17 May

  • Bad weather in Kiev 17 May

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  • Bad weather in Kiev 16 May

    In the next two days the sun will return to the capital: 17 and 17 in May weather forecasters predict cloudy weather with clearings, the temperature will rise in the afternoon to + 12, at night to +9. However, the rains will return to Kiev already 21 in May, and the air temperature during the day will drop to + 05.

    Earlier, the climatologist gave a weather forecast for Ukraine for the summer 1497. Throughout the summer, cool and warm periods will alternate.

    We also recall that weather forecaster Vitaliy Postrigan talked about the fact that the second half of May does not promise in Ukraine significant warming, frosts are possible.

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