Jun 6, 2022
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“Stop the supply of vegetables from Kherson!”: Crimeans appealed to the authorities

Crimean suppliers of fruits and vegetables were outraged by the supply of products from Kherson. “Hey, the authorities of Crimea and Russia, hear us, ordinary hard workers who want to earn a living by growing vegetables and berries with their labor,” a local entrepreneur said via social networks. “Because of Kherson products, there is an overabundance in the Crimea. We give our goods for a penny. Strawberries for 70 rubles, cucumber for 7 rubles, and the prices for fertilizer and film are growing.” Sellers and local residents spoke about the conflict on the peninsula.

Maxim has been trading on the market in Crimea for more than ten years. “You grow fruits and vegetables, you wait for the holiday season to earn money, and then suddenly Kherson appears. From there, trucks come in an endless stream,” he says. – They give away their products for pennies on our territory. They explain, they say, there is nowhere to put it, otherwise everything will rot. And what should we do? Our work is devalued.

Let them trade at home, why go to us. There are enough farmers here. I heard that our guys are catching their trucks at the border in order to buy Kherson goods. And they still go and go.”

A colleague of the interlocutor confirmed that a serious conflict is brewing: “We have long established a supply business in Crimea. This year there is no tourist season. There are few people. And those who come save a lot.

Our incomes fell, and then Kherson people came in large numbers. There have already been conflicts. Let the people of Kherson bring fruit to Russia, and leave Crimea alone.”

Another interlocutor does not understand what to do with the Crimean goods: “Cucumbers are being harvested now, but there is no one to sell them. Everything is worth it. Too many products were brought from Kherson. But there are not so many people in Crimea to buy all this. We are ready to give the goods at 10 rubles per kilogram, it would be to someone.”

The locals do not agree with the sellers. We interviewed people from different cities. Here is their opinion.

Alexander (Sevastopol): “Vegetables and fruits have always been expensive in Crimea. Literally two weeks ago, tomatoes cost 270-180 rubles per kilogram. Strawberries were given for 350-400 rubles. Our salespeople are screwed up. Prices never dropped.

A week ago, trucks from Kherson drove here. I see prices in the market have gone down. Tomatoes began to cost 130 rubles. Strawberries 80-140 rubles. Of course, local grabbers are outraged. But the inhabitants of Sevastopol perceived the arrival of farmers from Kherson as manna from heaven. We won’t let them get hurt.”

Ekaterina (Alushta): “Crimean hucksters buy fruits and vegetables from farmers at the Privoz wholesale market in Simferopol. Kherson products are also taken there. Then the market sells three times more expensive. The locals are shocked by the prices. After the sanctions, people began to save. Who can, he goes to the wholesale market and buys products there. They take only from Kherson trucks, they are cheaper. The local market does not sell products well, so they complain.”

Olga: “Vegetables and fruits are brought from Kherson, which are 200-300 percent cheaper than our local ones. They have cucumbers 10-15 rubles, strawberries 50 rubles, potatoes 15-20 rubles. We would like to see only sellers from Kherson in Crimea. After all, under Ukraine, Kherson vegetables were always brought to Crimea, they were much cheaper. And our entrepreneurs only went to Kherson for goods until they cut off the oxygen.”

Zinaida (Feodosia): “Wholesale prices for Kherson fruits and vegetables from 10 to 50 rubles. Last Saturday, products were brought to our market at horse prices: cucumbers for 35-40 rubles, strawberries – 150 rubles, potatoes, both young and old – 55-60. Meat so we generally can not afford to buy, too expensive. So all hope is for Kherson.”

Dinara (Yalta): “We have only resellers in the city. Therefore, strawberries and cucumbers cost 120 rubles each.

Finally, Kherson will start feeding the Crimea. Previously, Kherson residents complained that they were banned from importing to the Crimea, they whined that there was nowhere to sell the goods. Now it’s hard for them too. There are too many goods, the Crimean dealers are chasing them, and we are the only direction left for them.

In addition, there are practically no vacationers this year. It is clear that neither cafes nor canteens will collect surplus products. The tourist season is essentially cancelled. It’s already obvious.

The season used to be in full swing at this time. Russia has been coming since March-April, and stayed until November. Ukraine went at the end of June, sat here until October.

Now silence. Due to lack of demand, housing prices have fallen. Krasnodar mainly comes to us. There are practically no people from Moscow. But the Urals will definitely not go now, it makes no sense to spend three or four days on the road. And the people are afraid of provocations. If planes were flying, fearless Russians would go. But there are no planes. And apparently it won’t.”

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