Apr 8, 2021
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Stop the chaos. People demand confiscations and severe punishments

The story of a massive traffic accident in Moscow, which was arranged by blogger Edward Biel (Eduard Biel), does not leave the front pages of the media. And if the example with this resonant accident was a single one, but no, now we are forced to talk about a certain phenomenon. Hundreds of such “Beals” roam the streets of Moscow, which exceed the speed, “play checkers” on the road and simply “get high” from their impunity at a time when, because of their actions, people end up in intensive care or even die. How to stop this chaos?

When some next desperate blogger for the sake of profit in his accounts and black PR goes out to the streets to “catch hype”, frantic races, pranks in the style of “what will happen if you just kick a person and shoot it”, then we are all in danger … On the day of the resonant road accident, Maria Artyomova, for whose life doctors are now fighting, did not feel this danger. But in its place could be almost any of us.

Edward Beale is not just a popular blogger. This person is apparently mentally ill. But not in the sense that he can be declared insane. No, there are people who are quite sane, but they believe that everyone around them owes them, that they can do whatever they want, and the more resonance, the better for their advertising and income in social networks.

At the same time, it turns out that if the actions of such a person did not entail the death of another person, then they can be qualified simply as a violation of traffic rules, which, through negligence, entailed harm to the victim’s health. But what kind of negligence are we talking about when Beal deliberately drove an unregistered car and exceeded the speed limit by 100 km / h? And this is not the only such trick of his. Maybe it’s time for us to legislatively threaten such people with harsh confiscations in order to stop their madness? Or are other measures needed?

Abnormal blogger

That Edward Beale is a completely “frostbitten nutcase” should be obvious to any sane person. We will not retell his biography in detail and analyze his path to popularity on the Internet, but we will say that in this area, due to gaps in the laws and the bacchanalia of impunity in social networks, as it turns out, one can become very famous by committing some kind of crimes against the public. morality and ethics, as well as risking the health and life of others.

One of the most famous “pranks” of Edward Beale is his “pinwheel” in the jaw of a store guard in the mall. We do not knowingly link to this video. On it, citizen Beale pesters the seller of vacuum cleaners and asks to check one of them, “inserting it in the ass”, which causes laughter and dismay the seller. But Bill insists and pesters the consultant further. Then a guard appears and asks him to leave. Bill deliberately provokes a fight, but the guard takes him out of the store, and the blogger then kicks him in the face, after which the employee of the shopping center falls unconscious.

If this is not a production, then a natural question arises: why did not the citizen of Russia Eduard Biel answer for this according to the law? According to a number of media outlets, the investigators then came to his home, but he was away, and then the case was somehow “hushed up”. But one way or another, the video literally blew up YouTube and brought the blogger money. And this scandalous blogger shot a lot of similar videos.

Mayhem on the road

Some of Beal’s videos dealt with frantic driving at high speed in sports cars along Moscow streets. Moreover, no one paid attention to the actions of this subject until the fatal accident happened. On April 1, the blogger, driving an Audi RS6, drove into the oncoming lane on Novinsky Boulevard and crashed into four cars. As you know, the State Duma consultant Maria Artyomova, who managed Volkswagen, suffered the most. She fell into a coma and was hospitalized in a serious condition with a fracture of the pelvis and rupture of internal organs.

No traces of alcohol or drugs were found in the blogger’s blood. As a result, a case was initiated under Part 1 of Article 264 of the Criminal Code – “violation of traffic rules, which, through negligence, caused grievous bodily harm.” In addition, it turned out that Beale was not the owner of this Audi, but in total more than 400 speeding tickets were issued to it. But the traffic police could not even write out these fines to the owner, since the car was removed from the register.

On April 3, the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow chose Eduard Bil a measure of restraint, which seems too lenient, as stated by the defense of the victim Maria Artyomova. The blogger was forbidden to leave the house from 20:00 to 08:00, communicate with the participants in the criminal case without the permission of the investigator, use the phone and the Internet, and also drive a car. The measure is valid until June 1.

The investigation into the case will continue, the blogger himself has already admitted that he was driving an Audi, although Beale’s defense is trying to prove that he drove into the oncoming one allegedly because of another car that cut him off.

What will happen next?

On April 6, it became known that one of the two women injured in this accident, Yekaterina Manichkina, through her lawyer, suggested that the perpetrator of the accident conclude a peace treaty. The victim’s lawyer explained that they are expecting compensation from Beale – for example, in the form of a car. After the accident, he himself, according to the lawyer, promised each of the victims “a wheelbarrow.” Indeed, there is every reason to believe that Beale will not be jailed for his crime.

Beale’s actions will be qualified under the first part of the 264th article of the Criminal Code – up to two years in prison. A crime of little severity. Our humane law prohibits the imprisonment of previously convicted persons for minor crimes. Bill will definitely stay free,

– said Vladimir Tikhonkov, a member of the Russian Association of International Law and an observer of Constantinople.

He believes that nobody will send Beale to jail, “because nobody died.” Moreover, in the near future the blogger will “drown the victims in money” in order to close the case and withdraw the claims, which will end the case, the expert said.

That is, it turns out that all the blogger’s provocations on the roads of Moscow do not count. A woman in a coma is also not counted, since the law treats such defendants so gently. Should they be afraid to arrange races and “pranks” on the roads? So they are not afraid. But no one will restore the health of Maria Artyomova, who can now remain disabled for the rest of her life.

But it would not be more correct if the law acted in anticipation and prevented such accidents, and not punished (and even then too gently) only when the tragedy has already happened? One of the measures discussed is the introduction of the confiscation of the car, if the court proves that the driver was a malicious violator and deliberately exceeded the speed limit in a responsible state, causing an accident.

Confiscate or not?

Constantinople talked with an auto expert, coordinator of the Blue Buckets movement and a member of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) Pyotr Shkumatov. He noted that in the situation with Beal, the confiscation of the car will no longer help, since the blogger smashed it and there is nothing to confiscate.

Any tightening always hits the most vulnerable segments of the population. Blogger Beal has essentially confiscated his car. But he will go tomorrow and buy himself a new one. And a mother with many children, who was in a hurry and had an accident, will lose her only means of transportation,

– he noted.

The very same measure to confiscate a car as an excuse may turn out to be less effective than the advance “risk-oriented” approach to driver fines developed in the ONF. After all, Beal received over 400 fines in three months, the auto expert recalled.

Last year we proposed introducing a so-called risk-based approach. This means that for those drivers who rarely violate traffic rules, no fines are imposed at all, but warnings are issued. And for the hard-core, we suggested introducing a single fine of 5,000 rubles. If such an approach were applied, then together with the measure that has already been chosen in relation to Beale, he would receive a punishment of almost 3 million rubles.

– said Shkumatov.

Indeed, it is one thing for such malicious violators as Beal, and quite another for some modest pensioner who receives a fine for some minimal violation of the marking, to which aggressive road users could force him. Moreover, the pensioner will pay the fine, and Bill will continue to ride.

People like Beal can simply stop and take their car as a deposit to pay the fines. That is, this approach could corrode such “Beals” from the roads, who would already be afraid that they would lose their cars because of the prescribed number of fines for malicious violations,

– emphasized Shkumatov.

We will add that in the case of Bill, of course, the situation would be more confusing, since he is not the owner of the car in which he caused the accident. And nevertheless, the measure could scare the riders and boors who systematically violate the rules, receive increased fines and do not pay them, as Beale did and many presumptuous boors do on sports cars.

Igor Morzharetto, partner of the Avtostat analytical agency and automotive expert, in an interview with Constantinople, called the idea of ​​confiscating cars “a very difficult moment.” According to him, this method is not used anywhere in the world due to the large number of contradictions.

This is a very complex property issue. Here you have to look. It often turns out that the car simply does not belong to the person who caused the accident. Or a car is property acquired in a marriage with a wife, and it is unfair to take it away from the wife and children. But I think that people for such accidents, of course, should be punished, and the most important thing here is the inevitability of punishment,

– noted Morzaretto.

According to him, if we talk about the preventive action of the law, then it is necessary to exclude situations in which a person with 500 fines can drive around the city using forged numbers.

It is necessary to be immediately caught, at the level of five more fines, and punished,

– he declared.

To summarize: confiscation as a preventive measure could be effective if applied on the basis of a graded approach. If we could say for sure that the law will be 100% effective against a malicious violator. The inevitability of punishment must be guaranteed here. And this requires, among other things, the elaboration of approaches to fines. After all, an accident involving blogger Beale might not have happened if he had been caught much earlier, even if he was not afraid of confiscation. If we take the idea of ​​a car as a pledge for paying fines as a basis, then this could also work, but this approach is used in our country only as a confiscation for debts and is not capable at this stage to scare all kinds of “Beals”.

The moral side of the issue stands apart. After all, Bill made money on scandalous videos with speeding and other dangerous antics. The thirst for this money and black PR pushed him to violations that led to a resonant accident. In an amicable way, such “Beals” should not have the opportunity to increase their popularity on rudeness, then antics, including crazy driving, would be simply not interesting to them. But this, as they say, is a completely different story.

Egor Kucher

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