Aug 29, 2021
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Stop feeding the village! Khusnullin flew in from the Ministry of Defense

According to the text of Andrei Ilnitsky, it is difficult to say to whom exactly he addressed his words: to the migrants themselves or to those who bring them here. So, in his same tweet, he said in response to an Internet post, which expresses righteous indignation against the behavior of “guests” who not only feel like masters on our land, but also allow themselves direct aggression towards our children:

This is a question for the lobby that fills the construction sites of the Moscow mega-region with “cheap labor”, who has never gone down the subway in the evenings, who does not go to markets and malls on weekends and does not see buses full of guest workers in the morning.

And here Andrei Ilnitsky is absolutely right: people who make decisions about bringing new crowds of migrants to Russia think about state security least of all.

“The government lives on another planet, dear!” (film “Kin-dza-dza”)

We do not know about the government as a whole, but some of its members, judging by their actions, definitely live on another planet, never going on the subway at rush hour, not sending their children to classes crowded with non-Russian speaking migrant offspring and, in principle, not facing ethnic crime. No, they are not villains, they are just “alien officials” who, not knowing our planet, for some reason run it.

One of these “aliens” leading us is Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, who has become the main lobbyist of the “migrant” economy, with his Napoleonic plan for “Aggressive Infrastructure Development”, which envisages driving the people of Russia into a dozen multi-storey human cities, and using the lands cleared of natives. Well, we’ll decide how exactly. The 35-storey towers of these “human beings” will be built, naturally, by migrants, of whom Mr. Khusnullin plans to import as many as 5 million. This is in addition to the millions already available.

It is planned to bury gigantic budgetary funds, money from the National Welfare Fund, natural monopolies and development institutions in the construction of “human men” – if only the construction companies behind Khusnullin could earn a lifetime. And the next two. It is easier to control people driven into the “agglomeration” of digitized and tracked by AI people, and it is easier to control these concrete concentration camps at their own expense – and in general “aerobatics” in the modern bureaucratic business.

Khusnullin and his comrades are not interested in the fact that at the same time the ethnic, cultural and religious balance of Russia will radically change, from which it, with a high probability, will “go to pieces,” very far from the borders of Russia.

Stay at home, don’t walk …

At the same time, Khusnullin’s attitude to urban transport is curious. It is impossible to understand why, while still the Moscow vice-mayor, he focused on the construction of the metro (under him a lot of new stations were opened and the Moscow Central Ring was integrated into the metro), and now, at a meeting with President Putin, he declares:

In the future, we believe that the metro is not yet expedient for millionaires, we need to rely more on the railroad.

One could take this for a split personality, if one does not evaluate what has been said from the point of view of the main motivation of Mr. Deputy Prime Minister, by which he was guided always and everywhere, no matter what positions he held. This motivation is the assimilation of state money by companies “friendly” to him. It was possible to make money on the construction of the metro – they built the metro, it could be on the construction of roads and interchanges – they built them, it was possible to lay out (with the annual shifting) of Moscow tiles – they laid tiles. And now we will build “cheloveinniki”, if they will give a lot of money for them. How tens of millions of people, “aliens”, will live in these concrete bags, suffocating from resettlement, of course, because they themselves, naturally, are not going to live there. But making money on this is another matter.

How people will move in these “cities of the future” is a big question. Naturally, there will not be enough space for the construction of courtyard parking lots for 35-storey buildings, so we will have to abandon personal cars altogether (well, not everyone, of course, will have cars of Khusnullin’s rank). With public transport, it is also unclear – in the absence of a metro, no streets will accommodate it. This means that the movement of people in the metropolis will be extremely limited.

They say that contrary to myths about Americans traveling the world, almost one in three of them have never traveled outside their home state in their life. Ours decided to surpass the United States in this respect: in the absence of the opportunity to move around their hometown, the entire life of people for generations will pass in their “sleeping” area. And you will have to look for work in the same place, agreeing to the money that is offered. And there is no need for pensioners to leave their apartments at all! Continuous “optimization” will work.

True, in such conditions, which has been proven many times, the human population ceases to multiply. Well, this is not a problem either: you can save on social benefits. And there will not be enough workers – we will bring in new guest workers!

Do we need it ?!

So, even the Ministry of Internal Affairs finally realized that migrants are becoming a serious problem for Russia. And now – also in the Ministry of Defense. Well, “better late than never.” For while the authorities selflessly fought against “Russian nationalism”, bringing under it any objections of the Russian majority against the growing migrant lawlessness, real nationalisms with an ever more noticeable criminal bias, and now more and more with Islamist and pan-Turkic smell.

Migrants form compact ethnic enclaves in Russian cities. They organize mass slaughter with almost impunity, dividing our territory between the communities. “Diasporas” cover whole areas of business. Every now and then, there are types of migrants who are preparing terrorist attacks in our country. The Islamist cells created by the Central Asians who have settled in Russia are becoming more active, recruiting new terrorists from among the same guest workers – recently, one such FSB covered up in several cities of Russia at once. Already come across districts and villages where the laws of Russia practically do not apply, but ethnic groups rule there, as once in the 1990s.

And we endure all this. For what?! So that construction companies and their backers in the government fill their pockets with the “cheap” labor of guest workers? So that tomorrow they, having finally buried the Russian dream of “one-story Russia” and large families, drove us into concrete “chelovechniki” erected by the same migrants for our taxes, from which we will no longer have an exodus? Aren’t the “aliens” who are stuck on stateharchas wanting too much from us ?!

So what?

Indeed, the disease, if left untreated, will progress and over time either ruin the entire body or require urgent “surgical intervention” in the form of measures such as the total expulsion of migrants and equating “diaspora” associations with ethnic organized crime groups. Which will obviously cause a new stream of information mud on Russia and new sanctions. Therefore, in order not to lead to “surgery”, it is necessary to tackle the problem in a serious way today, not shying away from the most harsh methods of influencing the diaspora and migrants “who have lost their shores”. What are we afraid of? We, after all, are AT HOME. At least for now.

For example, one would like to hope that, as an important step, a separate control body will finally be created from representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB, which checks any large-scale projects like Khusnulli’s “Aggressive Infrastructure Development” for threats to Russia’s national security. And at the same time, give their assessment of the suitability of state officials (up to and including members of the government) who promote such anti-Russian projects.

Vladimir Khomyakov

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