Jan 10, 2021
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Stop covering up your weakness with money! A real woman does not need them at all, but …

Stop covering up your weakness with money!  A real woman does not need them at all, but ...

“They only want money!” – men declare with one voice. I always thought, why such an opinion is born among males. Or is it once someone said, and everyone else decided to repeat, they say, an excellent excuse that she went to another. Of course, it cannot be otherwise … But let’s talk sensibly, because this is from the same opera that men only need sex and a young female body.

A real woman does not need a man’s money at all.

Let’s start with the most important thing – a real woman is looking for support in a man. This does not mean that when she meets you, she will sit on your neck and dangle her legs. She will engage in self-development, build a career … But it is important for her that you support her in all the complexities of life and allow her to feel like a woman. Confidence in the future is important, because your woman will give birth to a child from you, create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the house.

Yes, you can give her a car, buy a luxurious apartment in a luxurious area, open access to your bank card, present 7 fur coats … But she will not appreciate all this if you do not devote time to her. In our crazy world, time is the most valuable and pleasant gift. A girl does not care about expensive trinkets if she does not feel the presence of a man in her life.

And then you will be surprised to complain to your friends, saying that you squeezed everything out of you that you could and left. But in reality, you just gave her little time. You can’t sell it or buy it. Only spending time together fills the life of lovers with those wonderful moments for which you want to live.

Time is priceless, and therefore a real woman knows how important it is to spend it with her loved one. And if in her life there will be a choice between money and time, she will prefer the latter under any circumstances. After all, people are connected by love, mutual respect, trust and common interests, and not by various pieces of paper.

Your attention is very important to a woman. Understand that. Yes, you can argue that you will not achieve anything and will not be able to feel like a man if you devote all your time to a woman, and not to your business. But nobody talks about 24/7. It is enough to spend at least a weekend together and go out to dinner once a week and just chat over a glass of wine or a cup of tea. And the absence of this creates emptiness.

Of course, money can solve many problems and bring certain moments of happiness. But nothing can replace the feeling of closeness better than ordinary human touch. After all, the most important thing is your love. This is what it all boils down to sooner or later: whether you love her or not. Therefore, it does not matter if you give her a ring with a huge diamond or a small ring.

Perhaps at the beginning of the relationship, she will admire gifts, but after a year, if not earlier, she will begin to express her dissatisfaction with the relationship.

And this is something that is not negotiable. She can live without money, no matter how tempting life with them is. But a real woman will not want to live without mutual love.

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