Apr 26, 2021
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Stolitsa: Russian language is remembered before the elections in Estonia

Translating education into Estonian is only part of the Reform Party’s campaign rhetoric

“Last week, Minister of Education Liina Kersna announced in the Riigikogu that the Ministry of Education has formed a working group, which by November will draw up a detailed plan for the complete transition of the education system to Estonian. According to her, the program for the development of the Estonian language envisages a complete transition to Estonian-language education by 2035, but if this goal can be achieved earlier, it will be an additional plus, ”

– writes the Tallinn Russian-language newspaper “Stolitsa”.

Stolitsa: Russian language is remembered in Estonia before elections

However, according to the publication, the minister is not telling the truth. So, the vice-mayor for education Vadim Belobrovtsev recalls that the current government is based on a coalition agreement between two parties – the Center and the Reform Party. And in this document, which was signed by representatives of both parties, there is one and only point, which deals with Russian-language education. And this single point says – the government will work steadily to improve the quality of teaching the Estonian language in Russian-language kindergartens and schools.

“I suppose that no parent would be opposed to his child having a good command of the Estonian language after leaving school, as this increases his chances of obtaining further education and improves his position on the labor market. As for the alleged translation of all education into Estonian, there is no such agreement and will not be. This cannot be done at the request of only one side of the ruling coalition, “

– the newspaper quotes the statement of Vadim Belobrovtsev following the parliamentary speech of Minister Kersn.

He emphasizes once again that the position of the Tallinn authorities has been voiced more than once and remains unchanged, and it lies in the fact that only the family chooses the language of education for their child.

The author of the article Natalia Agu notes that currently there are about twenty schools in Tallinn, teaching mainly in Russian, and there is no question of any forcible transfer of Russian-speaking children to Estonian schools.

However, the Estonian edition ERR reports that it has already taken place “The first meeting of the working group under the leadership of the Ministry of Education and Research, which is tasked with drawing up an action plan for the transition of the education system to Estonian by the end of November”… And the working group itself is guided in its activities by the Estonian language development program, according to which the entire education system must be translated into Estonian by 2035.

However, Vadim Belobrovtsev assures: the whole point is that the topic of education in Russian is raised on the eve of each election. And in this case, the Reform Party – the Minister of Education and the Prime Minister – decided to play this theme. The commission, on the other hand, will develop a plan, talk and write a lot about it, will constantly be heard, but it should present its results only in November.

“Let me remind you that the elections will be held in October, and if the commission presents its conclusions earlier, then the Reform Party on the eve of the elections may find itself in a juicy situation. After all, the Center Party will immediately make it clear that the plan is impracticable. And in November, the reformists will make a helpless gesture – the coalition partner is against it, and we cannot do anything. But the elections will already be held, and the topic will lose its importance, “

– Belobrovtsev is sure.

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