Apr 24, 2022
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Stock market riot

Stock market riot

Photo: FA Bobo/PIXSELL/PA Images/TASS

There has been a sharp conflict between the Russian authorities and the so-called oligarchs. The rich clearly do not intend to participate in the program of building an independent national economy. Moreover, there are all signs that real sabotage and wrecking have begun. In conditions when the Kremlin does not control most of the country’s economy, this can turn into a real disaster.

Until May 5, 2022, Russian issuers are required to take measures to terminate contracts with foreign exchanges. These are the requirements of the law on the delisting of depositary receipts of our companies from foreign markets with subsequent conversion into Russian securities. The document was signed Vladimir Putin 16 April. True, for some reason they left a loophole in the law – you can apply to government agencies for permission to continue the circulation of these financial instruments.

It was this loophole that NLMK decided to take advantage of (the owner is a billionaire Vladimir Lisin). It’s not a fact that they will be given permission, but the fact itself is disgusting.

“NLMK Group plans to apply for continued circulation of depository receipts on the London Stock Exchange,” the company said in a statement.

This is far from the first openly anti-state demarche by NLMK. The other day, in response to the proposal of the authorities to establish the production of much-needed hardware in the country, the company frankly demanded support from the state (read – money). Considering that only in the third quarter of 2021, the group’s net profit amounted to $1.6 billion (for the year – about $6-7 billion, there is no exact information yet). Moreover, it is worth noting that the real figures are much higher, the cost is artificially inflated, that is, we can even talk about $ 10 billion in net profit! And citizen Lisin is clearly not eager to invest this colossal money in the Russian economy. In terms of rubles, we are talking about hundreds of billions of rubles that could be turned into new plants and factories.

He’s not the only one. Settled in Turkey Roman Abramovich I Oleg Deripaskaapparently, they are going to make this country a new object for investing their funds. Removed from Russia! The ex-governor of Chukotka prudently keeps quiet, but from time to time he breaks the owner of Rusal into clearly anti-state speeches. Like the fact that it is necessary to remove all restrictions from big business and allow the oligarchs to do whatever their darling wants. As in the “dashing 90s”, nothing else.

Meanwhile, money continues to flow out of Russia. Yes, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov purchased for $20 million a plot of land for the construction of a hotel in the Turkish resort town of Cesme on the Aegean Sea. In total, according to local media reports, several billion “greens” have already been transferred to the country. Although the exact figures, of course, are kept in strict confidence. It is possible that already ten times more.

For some reason, Yo-oligarch does not want to build hotels in the Crimea or on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory, give him abroad. As well as all his colleagues. Despite the colossal profits at the end of 2021, which for the most part were saved from “sanctions”, billionaires do not want to invest them in Russian projects. On the contrary, they want to conduct financial shahermachers on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and other trading floors. And the fact that Great Britain is our main enemy, even worse than the United States, does not bother them at all. The Angles have been spoiling us for many hundreds of years, since the time Ivan the Terriblehowever, “businessmen” do not care.

“Most companies and their major shareholders that are listed or have depositary receipts abroad have benefited from financial freedom and economic ties to the West. Now, with the suspension of what has been built for 30 years, they will be hit, ”says the head of research at Otkritie Broker Anton Zatolokin.

The listing on the Moscow Exchange clearly does not suit the “oligarchs”, they are focused strictly on “enemy” structures. In addition, the LSE recently announced that it does not recognize the Moscow Exchange. And there is nothing surprising that Vladimir Lisin reacted so quickly to this. It is no longer possible to call him a Russian oligarch, his angry cries that Russia is being thrown out of international markets testify to the general anti-Russian orientation of this entire cabal of billionaires. They are interested in Russia only as a source of superprofits, nothing more.

We have to admit that in the hands of the rich there are many tools with which they can try to influence the government. In fact, the entire industry of Russia is in their hands, and if desired, the oligarchs can use it as a weapon against the Kremlin. Already using. Thus, the prices for rolled metal products and other metal products were not de facto reduced, only symbolically. Building materials have not fallen in price at all, and food prices continue to rise. Moreover, if desired, the oligarchs in general can provoke an increase in social tension, under a plausible pretext (well, there, a drop in demand, and all that …) by closing their factories. And drove the people to the streets.

“The priority is to create conditions for non-resource (industrial) development of the Russian economy. For factories to grow, fields to be plowed, farms to develop, so that people of creative labor could use their talents there, earn money, and be in demand. And, accordingly, to make your country richer, stronger – in all respects, economically, technologically. What is needed is not raw material development, but a new industrialization,” said the chairman of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on Industrial Development and Competitiveness of the Russian Economy Konstantin Babkin.

Do the oligarchs fit into this picture with their aspirations to London and Turkey? Definitely not! However, for some reason, they become impudent from time to time, and this is clearly not without reason. Here the authorities would repeat the story with Mikhail Khodorkovsky send someone to sew mittens. At least one – for the sake of warning. No, it’s all quiet. And, observing the weakness of the Kremlin, the oligarchs continue to “run over” more and more.

In the event that the authorities continue to follow the lead of the rich, all this can end badly.

“The collapsing building of the Russian economy, which stands behind the current beautiful picture, will simply crumble into rubble. Unemployment will be such that no one will find it a little. The shortage of goods will be like in the late 80s, with empty shelves and coupons,” warns a financial analyst Vladimir Levchenko.

Our government seems to have instruments of “influence” – the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB and other power structures. Maybe it’s time to use them? The people will understand, moreover, will support. Happy to support! After all, the majority of citizens of the country have an understanding that today there is a struggle for the future of Russia and the Russian people. And it is not customary to take traitors into captivity.

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