Sep 4, 2022
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Stock market: Quotes fell, scam closes

Stock market: Quotes fell, scam closes

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

The professional participants of the Russian securities market are in mourning, in fact, their business has died. Speculators have lost almost all profits, the client base has decreased significantly. There are no prospects, because in our society there is an increasing awareness of the uselessness of the stock market as such. Moreover, the prospects for the nationalization of a number of key companies make investing in shares and other exchange-traded assets even dangerous.

The “Overview of key indicators of professional participants in the securities market” published by the Central Bank looks like a verdict on Russian stock market speculators – more than half of the companies are unprofitable, the average return on capital in the industry is negative (minus 0.1%), and profit losses amounted to 95%. At the same time, for some reason, the total number of open accounts continues to grow, but there are fewer and fewer active clients who conduct transactions, and turnover is rapidly falling. So far, there are no mass layoffs in brokerage companies, but they are not far off.

“The decrease in trading activity on the stock market and the decrease in revenue against the backdrop of rising fixed costs led to a reduction in net profit and profitability of companies to minimal values, despite the growth of the client base. According to the results of the first half of the year, net profit in the industry decreased significantly – to 0.6 billion rubles (minus 95% year-on-year), and more than half of the participants experienced an accumulated loss over the past 12 months. The rolling value of return on equity (ROE) for the industry as a whole decreased to 3.3% (a year earlier – 10.7%), and the median value went into the negative area (-0.1%, a year earlier – 6.1%) ” , the regulator said in a report.

The document is in the public domain, despite the abundance of highly specialized terminology in general economic indicators, it is not difficult to understand. Plus a lot of infographics, it helps to assess the depth of the abyss into which the entire community of professional speculators has fallen. And, in fact, to rejoice is very good, this tumor on the body of the Russian economy should have been eliminated a long time ago. Along with all stocks, bonds and other fraudulent “valuable” pieces of paper.

“I saw the review of the Central Bank, the figures are, of course, impressive. The one who is not in the subject. In fact, everything is much worse, and the prospects are not visible at all. As in connection with the sanctions, and in general. We will not see foreign (including offshore – withdrawn from the Russian Federation) money in the foreseeable future, and yet they provided a significant part of the demand. Many wealthy and active clients left, and it is clear that they made ends meet. Yes, the Central Bankers write that “the market is more alive than dead.” And they can’t write otherwise. Let’s assume that this is the case. We are not firing people yet, but we have already eaten up almost all the savings – soon we will have to reduce, ”says one of the leaders of a brokerage company.

The conversation took place even before Gazprom announced a complete shutdown of Nord Stream. Accordingly, at the beginning of the next working week, Moscow Exchange will be fun. Yes, and a bluff to limit the price of Russian oil will also scare many.

“Our gas relations with Europe are in such a dramatic state that it is certainly not worth discounting the most critical options, including a complete halt in supplies. We live in a time when, alas, we have to admit that even recently it seemed completely impossible. While, however, we have not completely broken off our gas relations, we still have the Turkish Stream, there are still small deliveries through Ukraine, through the Sumy region. But the volume of our deliveries to Europe is rapidly declining, and the option that Nord Stream 1 would not come out of repair was considered, by the way, back in the summer. And, as we see, it is being implemented. On the European side, the stakes are also rising. Already made a statement Ursula von der Leyen about the idea of ​​marginal gas prices. I do not rule out that this could also provoke Gazprom to such a decision,” said the Director General of the National Energy Security Fund Konstantin Simonov.

That is, this is a new round of confrontation, and it is possible that on Monday, September 5, 2022, the Moscow Exchange index will again try to peck at the level of 2000. As it was on February 24.

“If they don’t want to buy gas, let them not do it, we don’t insist. If someone refuses our supplies, it is clear that he is thinking not about his own citizens, but about the overseas Uncle Sam. We will not have any problems because of this, ”said the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy. Igor Ananskikh.

There will be problems for those who bought Gazprom shares and other valuable papers. Everything will fall, as the situation is clearly heating up.

“The prospect of launching Nord Stream is doubtful, unless there is a stabilization of political relations between Russia and the EU. Shutdown of the gas pipeline is unlikely to lead to a significant increase in gas prices due to the filling of storage facilities in the EU countries. At the same time, a significant rise in price is possible closer to December. By that time, the cost of gas may jump to such a level that part of the production will be forced to abandon it, ”the head of the Energy Development Center believes. Kirill Melnikov.

The Europeans can respond, for example, by arresting the accounts of Gazprombank, on which citizen Siluanov is actively saving up oil and gas money. And so on. The Pope has already declared the Third World War, while economic (energy). Here it would be useful to recall that on June 22, 1941, his colleague-predecessor called on the Europeans for a crusade against Russia.

In the context of the Russian stock market, all these events are more than positive – they will finally finish it off. Actually, we do not need any companies, oil and gas, we need the Ministry of Oil and Gas, with people’s control. And it’s time to close all kinds of scams, financial speculation must be outlawed.

According to the strategy director of IC “FINAM” Yaroslav Kabakovnationalization of Lukoil is possible in the near future, investors expect, among other things, a similar scenario. For them, in principle, not the worst, especially for those who have decent shares. The market is now extremely illiquid, and it is possible to bring down quotes even with a small volume of sales. And our state is kind, you see, and will pay well. Basically, you can pay. Last time.

“First of all, we should begin to form prescriptive planning in strategic industries so that demand, prices, commodity and raw materials stocks can be guaranteed. Along with this, it is still necessary to switch to a system of physical indicators – planning will be simpler and clearer. I think such measures will help solve the problem of import substitution. For example, in France, key industries, in particular, nuclear energy, were built precisely on such grounds, ”suggests the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Property, Land and Property Relations Sergei Gavrilov (KPRF).

The stock scam, as you might guess, is superfluous here. However, it is superfluous even in classical capitalism, when entrepreneurs produce something, and at the same time earn a profit. “Money out of thin air”, as is customary in the stock market, does not fit into this model either, the crisis of the Western system is largely due to the hypertrophied development of financial markets.

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