Aug 2, 2022
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Stern: Germany will kiss Kyiv. Then. If there is someone to kiss

A batch of Panzehaubitze 2000 howitzers will be produced for Ukraine by 2027

Amazing news from Berlin for Kyiv: the Germans give 100 self-propelled artillery mounts Panzehaubitze 2000 writes a German magazine stern.

“100 self-propelled artillery mounts for Ukraine, it sounds like Berlin has finally cast aside indecision and is handing over heavy weapons to Kyiv,” – says the author of the article Gernot Kramper (Gernot Kramper).

In reality, it looks a little different. In fact, these howitzers do not yet exist. Companies Krauss-Maffei Wegmann gave an order for the manufacture of these guns for Kyiv – that’s all. While we are talking only about the beginning of production.

The export of howitzers to Ukraine is still far away. The first batch should go there in 2024, and it is planned to produce the entire batch by 2027.

Even if the military operation in Ukraine drags on, it is unlikely that it will last until 2024-2027. Consequently, these weapons will not have time to participate in the “defense of independence” of Ukraine.

“That is, if howitzers arrive somewhere, then only in post-war Kyiv. This deal is primarily of political importance: thanks to it, Berlin will get rid of the reputation of the eternal brake. After the mini-quantities of systems already delivered, a solid figure has finally sounded, ”

– explains the author of the article.

Artillery systems being supplied now will sooner or later be destroyed by Russian troops. It is obvious. In the future, Ukraine will also need weapons. Quite reasonable, I think. Kramper, that countries that can give at least a little today will concentrate their efforts on supplies in subsequent years. The deal also shows that these things take time. Years may pass before the end of deliveries.

On the other hand, it is naive to believe that assistance to Ukraine will last indefinitely, in fact, there is a limit to everything. To finance these 100 howitzers, a huge amount is needed. They will cost 1.7 billion euros.

“This money will be directly or indirectly received from German taxpayers. And only in the distant future will they turn into a strike force in the hands of the legitimate Ukrainian government. The current deal is useless for today’s battles, but it does suggest that Kyiv emerges victorious from its ordeal. Because if the peace is concluded on Putin’s terms, then he will make sure that the country that remains from Ukraine does not have the right to receive howitzers from the West,”

– argues stern.

The author of the article begs the question: it would not be wiser to spend these 1.7 billion euros on systems that could be obtained in the near future. With the allocated money, you can buy a bunch of weapons on the world market, and not wait for the execution of an order for the German defense industry. And this bunch of weapons would have been used already in 2022.

And now let’s be quite frank and tough, writes Stern: if even more states postpone aid to Ukraine to an indefinite future, then Kyiv will most certainly not be able to win. And this only plays into Russia’s hands, the author sums up.

Our comment: Do you remember the Soviet film about “an aunt from Brazil, where there are a lot of wild monkeys”? This very mummery “Aunt Charlie”, which Alexander Kalyagin played superbly, promised a hot kiss: “I will kiss you. Then. If you want”.

This is how Germany promises to “kiss” Kyiv. Then. If so, who to kiss.

And the question that the author of Stern is itching about whether it would be better to swell 1.7 billion euros in buying a bunch of weapons now, without postponing this matter for the future, has the only correct answer – no better. In any case, it is not better for the inhabitants of Germany. And it’s not better for Ukraine either, since “lethal assistance” does not promise a victory for the ruling regime, but there are many more graves and destruction.

But the fact that Putin “will make sure that the country that remains from Ukraine does not have the right to receive howitzers from the West” is very reasonably said. That’s how it should be.

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