Apr 3, 2021
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Stepmother Philip Kirkorov denied information about the hospitalization of the father of the pop king

18:05, 04/03/2021

The singer’s 89-year-old parent was undergoing a routine medical examination.

Earlier today a close friend Bedrosa Kirkorov parodist Alexander Matveev told reporters that the father of the pop king of the Russian stage is currently in the hospital. A friend of Kirkorov immediately noted that there was no reason for concern – the singer was just undergoing a routine medical examination. However, a number of media outlets managed to pick up information that the parent Philip Bedrosovich was hospitalized. Moreover, according to some publications, his family was not even allowed into the artist’s ward.

Rumors about the deteriorating health of the elder Kirkorov were denied by the wife of Bedros Filippovich Lyudmila Smirnova… The singer’s beloved commented on the condition of her husband. According to Lyudmila, at the moment Kirkorov is in order and has already left the medical institution. “Not at the hospital, he is now at home. Everything is fine, I just took the tests on a planned basis, “Smirnova told the newspaper’s correspondent. RIA News

Philip Kirkorov with his father

Recall that last year Bedros Kirkorov had serious health problems. In early October, the singer was taken to hospital… For some time, the reason for the hospitalization of the father of the king of pop remained unknown. Rumors began to circulate that Bedros Filippovich ended up in a medical institution due to heart problems. However, these speculations were soon denied by the official representatives of the elder Kirkorov. It turned out that doctors diagnosed the singer with a coronavirus, and already against the background of a dangerous infection, the singer’s heart rhythm began to break.

Bedros Filippovich was very hard on the disease. At first, the singer was treated in the cardiology department, but after two weeks in the hospital, the artist’s condition worsened. Senior Kirkorov transferred to the intensive care unit… As Philip admitted, he could not even keep in touch with his father, as his parent was having difficulty talking. Fortunately, Bedros Filippovich’s condition soon stabilized and the singer began to rapidly recover.

Bedros Kirkorov with grandchildren

By the way, it was with his father that Philip Kirkorov first appeared on the stage. Since childhood, the future Russian pop star spent a lot of time behind the scenes of various performances. When Philip Bedrosovich was seven years old, his father took him out to bow to the audience together after Kirkorov Sr. performed the song “Son”. “This is my son!” – then Bedros Filippovich introduced his offspring to the audience. In addition, Kirkorov Jr. from an early age studied music, learning to play the piano and guitar at a music school. When it came time to apply to the university, the Theater Institute became the first choice of the future king of pop. However, the attempt to enter this institution was unsuccessful, after which Philip Bedrosovich was selected to the Gnesins State School.

Kirkorov’s debut on television took place even before graduation from the institute – in 1985. As a sophomore, the artist performed the song “Alyosha” in Bulgarian on the air of one of the programs. After that, the singer was offered a job at the Leningrad Music Hall. Three years later, Philip Bedrosovich first met his pop idol Alla Pugacheva… The prima donna invited Kirkorov to perform in the first “Christmas Meetings”, after which the artists began a close musical collaboration. Just a year later, Kirkorov switched to solo activities, rapidly becoming one of the most popular performers in the country.

Philip Kirkorov with Alla Pugacheva

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