Oct 12, 2020
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Stephen King wrote a review of “Epidemic”: “Damn good Russian TV series”

Stephen King wrote a review of "Epidemic": "Damn good Russian TV series"

Stephen King

Pavel Kostomarov's Russian sci-fi series Epidemic was released back in 2019, but this year the streaming service Netflix bought the rights to show it, and the picture became popular internationally. Even Stephen King himself managed to appreciate the series. The legendary writer posted a short review of Epidemic on his twitter.

Стивен Кинг

"Epidemic" is a damn good Russian TV series on Netflix. Here are four things to know about it:

1. It is about an epidemic.
2. It's full of snow and cold (this is Russia, silly).
3. Everyone drinks vodka.
4. Small spoiler: the kid is just a pain in the ass,

Stephen began.

King called the show "a spaghetti western, only with snow and infected Russian assassins." He praised the director's work, but noted that in some scenes "everything is upside down."

Shot from the series "Epidemic"
Shot from the series "Epidemic"

"Epidemic" is a screen version of Yana Wagner's novel "Vongozero". In the center of the plot is a family trying to escape from a mysterious respiratory virus (from the disease, the eyes first fade, and then the person dies rapidly). The action takes place in Karelia in a refuge on an uninhabited island in the center of Lake Vongozero.

The main roles were played by Victoria Isakova, Kirill Kyaro, Alexander Robak, Maryana Spivak and others.

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