Sep 20, 2022
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Stepfather stole and hid stepdaughter’s passport so that the girl would not go on vacation with her family

stepdad stole stepdaughter's passportThe heroine of this story said that in her marriage, which lasts three years, there are difficulties.

stepdad stole stepdaughter's passport

The husband of a resident of the UK has three children, and she is trying to become a good second mother to them. But the lady herself has a daughter – a 17-year-old girl. The stepfather constantly accuses the stepdaughter of not devoting enough time to her family and her half-siblings, preferring to immerse herself in her studies and her own life. The girl believes that the foster dad is angry only because he would like to make her a free nanny for his own kids, but it didn’t work out. The mother of the family decided to smooth out the aggravated situation and go on a family vacation. But shortly before the trip, it turned out that her daughter could not find her passport anywhere, so her participation in the trip was in question. Oddly enough, the document was found hidden in the husband’s desk drawer. After checking the recording from the surveillance camera, our heroine admired how her husband entered her daughter’s room and left with a passport. He explained his decision by the fact that his own children would be uncomfortable on the trip due to the presence of his older half-sister. Now the wife was so angry that she canceled the trip altogether. And the husband became cold and distant, declaring that he would fast and pray that God would instruct him how to deal with such an evil family.

stepdad stole stepdaughter's passport

Social media users supported the angry lady, but added that it would be worth canceling not only the trip, but the entire marriage with a man who turned out to be capable of both blatant lies and theft.

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