Feb 22, 2021
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Stepdaughter of Ivan Urgant starred in an advertising campaign Jacquemus with her boyfriend

22:21, 22.02.2021

Erica Kiknadze meets with African American Moses.

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Currently 20 year old stepdaughter Ivan Urgant Erica Kiknadze lives in the USA. In the States, a relative of the showman met her current lover Moses… The couple’s romance became known in 2019. Today, pictures of a new advertising campaign for the Jacquemus fashion brand appeared on the Internet, in which Kiknadze and her chosen one took part.

Moses shared photos on his microblog on Instagram. Erica’s chosen one thanked the brand for the opportunity to participate in the company. By the way, last October Kiknadze shared her plans for the near future and admitted that she plans to develop in the fashion industry with her lover. The stepdaughter of Urgant decided not to disclose the details, since she is not yet sure of the success of the project. However, Erika emphasized that in case of failure, she will not be very upset. According to Kiknadze, the main thing in any business is to do it with a loved one.

Erica Kiknadze with her beloved Moses in the Jacquemus campaign

We add that Erica and her chosen one receive a lot of negative comments about their couple because of Moses’ skin color. However, criticism does not prevent the lovers from showing idyll in their microblogs on Instagram. Kiknadze often publishes joint photos with his chosen one, and Moses previously stated under one of their pictures that an excellent wife would come out of Erica. To harsh words from ill-wishers, the TV presenter’s stepdaughter answeredthat does not need the opinion of strangers. “The main thing is that your grandchildren are not miners. We, I hope, will deal with such a “difficult” situation “, – wrote Kiknadze (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. row.).

In October 2020, Erica gave interview, in which she first told the story of her relationship with Moses. The couple met during a private Halloween party in 2018. However, that evening, Kiknadze’s future lover did not notice her. As a relative of Urgant admitted, there were many beautifully dressed girls at the holiday, whose outfits overshadowed her unremarkable ninja costume. A month later, Erica and Moses met again – this time in a supermarket. According to Kiknadze, she immediately realized that she liked the future chosen one.

Erica and Ivan Urgant

Erica also admitted that meeting with Moses was the first in her life. The private meeting became special for Kiknadze. The presenter’s stepdaughter noted that she had found in her lover one of the most important qualities for herself – Moses listened to her attentively from the first date. After spending time together, Erica’s chosen one, together with his brothers, helped Kiknadze with the move. According to Erica, after a month of communication, she and Moses became inseparable. “He is the male version of me, I am his female version,” Kiknadze shared.

Note that Erica is the stepdaughter of Ivan Urgant from the showman’s second official marriage with Natalia Kiknadze… The presenter actively participates in the life of the spouse’s two children from a previous marriage, treating them like relatives. In addition, Ivan and Natalya have common offspring. Urgant and Kiknadze are raising two daughters. In 2008, the couple was born Nina, and in 2015 was born Valeria

Natalia Kiknadze with her daughters from Ivan Urgant

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