Nov 10, 2022
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Stepbrother and sister fell in love and got married

stepbrother and sister got marriedMathilde Eriksson proved by her own example that the family personifies love. True, true love for a 23-year-old woman was not a blood relative, but her half-brother Samuli.

stepbrother and sister got married

A resident of Finland met a man in 2019, when her mother married Samuli’s father.

stepbrother and sister got married

Despite the fact that Matilda and her new relative were introduced to each other as half-sisters and brothers, a spark immediately jumped between them. After some time, young people began a life together, and then got married.

stepbrother and sister got married

Matilda added that nothing marred their happiness. Mom and stepfather took this turn of events quite calmly. Moreover, the heroine of this story is sure that older relatives secretly dreamed of something like this. True, the mutual friends of the newlyweds were at first somewhat embarrassed – but only because of the confusion, because at first Matilda called Samuli a brother, then she began to call her boyfriend, and now he received the status of a husband.

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