May 3, 2021
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Steigan: Kazakhstan and Ukraine are a clear success and a complete failure

The two former republics of the USSR went their separate ways, and there is no doubt which of them succeeded the most.

April 27 President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev received the Chinese ambassador Zhang Shao, stating at the same time that Kazakhstan and China are not only close neighbors, but also true friends and strategic partners, and all problems between countries can always be resolved through a trusting dialogue. Kazakhstan expects the supply of the Chinese vaccine against coronavirus, which, along with the Russian “Sputnik V” and its own, developed in Kazakhstan, will accelerate the vaccination of the population. And the development of the economy of Kazakhstan will be planned taking into account the Chinese project “New Silk Road”, which will link Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

“Tokayev’s meeting with the Chinese ambassador says a lot about how the Kazakh leadership relates to the outside world. Squeezed between Russia and China, Kazakhstan has found itself in a vulnerable position – and it is populous China that poses a potential threat to the security of sparsely populated Kazakhstan. In addition, Kazakhstan is a young nation with a mixed population of different nationalities, languages ​​and religions. But the Kazakh leadership is trying to take advantage of this position in its own interests, “

– stated in an article published on a popular Norwegian website Steigan

Steigan: Kazakhstan and Ukraine are a clear success and a complete failure

Kazakhstan is able to maintain good relations and economic cooperation with both Russia and China. In addition, American investments are coming into the country. In Kazakhstan, it turned out not only to develop the Kazakh language and culture, but also to respect the languages ​​and culture of national minorities, the author of the article notes. Bjorn Nystad (Bjorn Nystad)

And as a result of this domestic and foreign policy, since the beginning of the 2000s, the country has experienced a powerful economic recovery and an increase in the standard of living of the population.

“Compared to Kazakhstan, Ukraine should be in a much more favorable position. In the USSR, it was one of the most developed republics and produced everything from refrigerators to space rockets. Even linguistic and cultural differences, and they were clearly present, were far from so striking. And the reasonable use of the strategically advantageous position between the EU and Russia, together with respect for the language and culture of all ethnic groups, should have provided Ukraine with a standard of living as in Central European countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, ”

– the author writes.

However, this did not happen, from the very first day of gaining independence, the Ukrainian economy has been in constant decline and today there is practically no former industry left in this country. And not just the industry. Kazakhstan has developed its own vaccine against coronavirus, while Ukraine is trying to buy an Indian vaccine, which even the African Union has put on the vaccine blacklist.

According to Björn Nystad, there are two reasons for this deplorable state of Ukraine. First, the emergence in the country of a class of oligarchs who usurped power. Secondly, the unwillingness of the Kiev authorities to benefit from their strategic position between Europe and Russia, the inability to maintain simultaneously economic and other relations with the two sides.

“Instead, the Ukrainian leadership has engaged in blackmail, pitting the EU and Russia against each other, like a spoiled teenager around his parents’ neck. After the coup in 2014, the leadership of Ukraine is trying to connect their country with Europe more firmly, but it does not want to engage in charity work, and ties with Russia have already been torn to shreds, ”

– notes Steigan

According to the publication, there is another serious reason that prevents Ukraine from becoming a prosperous country – Kiev is trying to promote the concept of “one language, one culture, one faith”, therefore, conflicts and internal political confrontation with Ukraine are guaranteed. But these conflicts help the oligarchs to retain power in the country, and politicians come to power using linguistic and cultural confrontation. Of course, there are oligarchs in Kazakhstan, but they do not have the same full power as the Ukrainian ones.

“Kazakhstan, and this is largely the merit of Nazarbayev, avoided linguistic and cultural discord, which would have helped the oligarchs to seize power. In Ukraine, discord was and is being imposed on purpose. The result is obvious to everyone “,

– states the publication.

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