Mar 30, 2021
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“Staying in politics”: how Trump intends to preserve the legacy of his administration

45th US President Donald Trump has launched a new website for his supporters. As noted on this resource, the “office” of the former head of the White House “seeks to preserve the magnificent legacy of the Trump administration, while promoting the America First program. It is clarified that the office’s task is to inform, educate and inspire Americans from all walks of life through civic initiatives and active social activities as they jointly build a truly great American future. According to experts, Trump’s recent steps indicate that he wants to stay in politics and, in the future, change the balance of power in Congress.

45th US President Donald Trump has launched a new website for his supporters. As noted in a statement posted on this resource, the “office” of the former head of the White House “seeks to preserve the magnificent legacy of the Trump administration, while promoting the America First program.

“The Office’s mission is to inform, educate, and inspire Americans from all walks of life through civic initiatives and community activism as they build together a truly great American future. Through this office, Donald Trump remains a tireless defender of the hardworking citizens of our great country, as well as their right to live in security, dignity, prosperity and peace.

Last week, Trump again criticized incumbent US leader Joe Biden’s immigration policies and pledged to visit the US border with Mexico in the coming weeks. He announced this in an interview with Fox News.

A few days earlier, the 45th US President accused Biden of creating a crisis on the border with Mexico. This was stated in a statement by Trump, published by former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

“We are proud to hand over to the Biden administration the most secure frontier in history. All they needed to do was keep this fine-tuned system running on autopilot. Instead, within just a couple of weeks, the Biden administration turned a national triumph into a national catastrophe, ”the ex-president said in a statement.

According to Trump, the new authorities are “trying to carefully hide how bad things really are,” and this can be seen “with the naked eye.”

“The only way to end the Biden crisis at the border is to admit our complete failure and take advantage of Trump’s extremely effective and proven measures,” said the 45th US President.

Trump also called for an “immediate completion of the wall” on the border with Mexico, stressing that the suspension of this project led not only to casualties and other “obvious consequences”, but also to an “unprecedented” scale of smuggling, including drugs, and sexual exploitation of people.

“The ill-considered measures of the current administration create conditions for (the commission. – RT) crimes against humanity and spur them on. Our country is being destroyed! ” – said the former leader of the United States.

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At the end of February, Trump did not rule out the possibility of his participation in the next presidential election in the United States. He announced this during his speech to the participants of the annual Conference of Conservative Political Activities CPAC, which was the first since the president stepped down in January.

Confronting Trump

At the same time, the Biden administration does not stop trying to bring the ex-head of the United States to justice.

This time, the White House decided to create a working group to investigate the possible interference of the 45th US President’s administration in scientific activities. This is reported by the American media with reference to a letter sent to the heads of federal government agencies.

Alondra Nelson, deputy director for science and society at the White House’s Science and Technology Policy Office, said scientists in various branches of government will revise “Trump-era policies that held science in favor of politics,” and develop new security measures. She is quoted by The New York Times.

The publication also notes that while the audit “may reveal or confirm more cases of political interference in science,” White House officials admitted that there are few ways to hold Trump administration officials accountable for past actions.

Similar intentions were confirmed by the Office for Science and Technology Policy of the White House, commenting on the relevant news on its Twitter.

“Scientific credibility is important. We understood why, and now we have to do it in practice. The Scientific Credibility Working Group under the White House Science and Technology Policy Office will learn from the past to better serve the American people by delivering real results based on scientific knowledge, not politics, ”the report said.

Scientific integrity matters. We understood why this is important, now we need to make it important. The forward looking Scientific Integrity Task Force @ WHOSTP will learn from the past to better serve the American people, delivering real results based on science, not politics. #ScienceIsBackhttps: //

– White House Science and Technology Policy Office (@WHOSTP) March 29, 2021

In parallel with this, an investigation of the events of January 6 in Washington is still underway. Democrats, including Biden, accuse Trump of allegedly encouraging riots and the storming of the Capitol by his actions.

A February report by Democrat Zoe Lofgren, head of the House of Representatives Administrative Committee, said that “like former President Trump, any elected member of Congress who aided insurgency or incited an assault posed a serious threat to … a democratic government.” USA.

“Actions to incite, encourage, and / or coordinate the storming of the Capitol — among other things that delayed Congress in fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities with the electoral college — may violate a number of criminal laws,” Lofgren said.

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In addition, on March 25, seven committees of the House of Representatives began a large-scale investigation of the actions of the federal government in connection with the storming of the Capitol on January 6.

The committees sent written requests to 16 executive branches and Congress for all communications from government officials regarding the January 6 congressional meeting at which lawmakers confirmed Joe Biden’s electoral victory. Requests involve the provision of relevant documents and messages for the period from December 1, 2020 to January 20, 2021.

“Remains a threat to opponents”

As HSE professor Alexander Domrin noted, Trump’s recent measures indicate that, despite the opposition of his opponents, he “wants to stay in politics.”

“Parliamentary elections in the United States should take place as early as 2022, so now it is important for Trump to be afloat, to actively remind of himself. The goal of the ex-head of the White House is to do everything to change the balance of power in the American Congress next year: to form at least some majority of Trump-Republicans there. And then he will need to accumulate resources if he seriously decides to participate in the new presidential elections, “the analyst explained in an interview with RT.

Leading researcher at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Konstantin Blokhin, in turn, said that now the Republican Party “does not have persons comparable to the personality of Trump.”

“The 45th President of the United States is extremely popular. He is charismatic, has a lot of support in American society, and you can’t even compare with other Republican politicians. Therefore, if the Republican Party does not find an alternative to Trump, it will again try to stake on him. The only question is whether the former American leader wants to run for president again, ”the analyst said in a conversation with RT.

Meanwhile, members of the Democratic Party will not abandon their attempts to discredit the 45th US president, Blokhin said.

“Democrats want to finally get even with Trump. They intend to try to deprive him of financial opportunities that he could use in the future political race. In addition, permanent pressure will be exerted to discourage the 45th President of the United States from going to the polls again, ”the expert believes.

As Domrin noted, such aggression on the part of the Democratic Party against Trump can be explained by the fact that they are “afraid of him like hell.”

“This is why they so often remind American voters that there was a guy who took not only the Democrats four years when he occupied the White House, but also the people of the United States. Although in fact, for many voters in the United States, Trump was and remains a symbol of hope that their country will get better. The Democrats’ actions against Trump are a clear sign that he remains a threat to his opponents, ”the analyst said.

At the same time, Blokhin stressed that Trumpism as a political phenomenon has “great prospects.”

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“He’s rooted in the Republican Party. Moreover, elements of Trumpism have become entrenched among the Democrats, which is also observed in the actions of the new Biden administration. The current authorities have prepared an interim version of the US national security strategy, which reflects such aspects as the intensification of the struggle against China, the unwillingness to participate in eternal wars, ”the expert noted.

However, “the elements of Trumpism that are visible in the measures of the new authorities” are not enough for Trump’s supporters, Blokhin explained.

“Seeing the initiatives of the Democrats in the field of migration policy, the majority of those who voted for the 45th US president are radicalized. It is possible that over time, new representatives of Trumpism will appear who will want to translate their ideas into reality, ”the expert concluded.

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