Aug 9, 2020
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Statuses about tuesday

Statuses about Tuesday - albeit a little mundane, but very interesting. As you know, Tuesday is not much, but still better than Monday.

Tuesday? Faster Friday!Tuesday

  1. All right, the day off is over. Now you can start working ...
  2. As you know, a new life begins on Monday. But since Tuesday you have been thinking about the consequences.
  3. Tuesday is a strange day - you still regret that it is not a weekend, and you already regret that the next ones have not yet come: D.
  4. Tuesday is the same Friday. Just take a day off, some beer and pizza :).
  5. Tuesday is a very invisible day. No one really loves him, and no one swears.
  6. You don't have to count on anything on Tuesday. Is that on Wednesday, well, or Thursday.
  7. - Well, are we going for a walk after work? - Today is Tuesday. - Do you know how to spoil the mood ...
  8. If you buy groceries for the week ahead at the weekend, they'll run out on Tuesday!
  9. Well, not a working day Monday. You grieve the weekend all day. Work will only work on Tuesday.
  10. Tuesday is not the end of the week. The day after tomorrow, tomorrow is Friday.
  11. No, well, if you also procrastinate on Tuesday, then when do you even work?
  12. Nobody wakes up normally on Monday. If he wakes up, then on Tuesday.
  13. Tuesday is the happiest day of the week. You sit yourself, work. Not like on the weekend ...
  14. No regrets on Tuesday. Except that today is not Friday.
  15. You want Friday on Monday, but on Tuesday there is no time to think about it, no time.
  16. It's already the second day of the week, and as I was not married, I stayed.
  17. Today I don't want to go to work for the second day. What does it mean? That today is Tuesday!
  18. On Tuesday you have to do what you postponed not only on Monday, but also on the previous Friday.
  19. Who was planning to move mountains on Tuesday? Well, how is it? 😀
  20. But I personally do not see the difference between Monday and Tuesday.
  21. If your Saturday is not much different from your Tuesday, then something in life needs to be changed.
  22. Still, it's nice when the weekend ends on Tuesday.
  23. How quickly the week passed ... in dreams. Today is only Tuesday.
  24. For me, Tuesday is training time, so Monday is easier for me: D.
  25. Perfect Tuesday is when you are just getting ready for work, because Monday was just getting away from the weekend.
  26. On Monday I went on a diet, ate only salads. On Tuesday I thought, well, it’s in fig, and ate everything from the refrigerator)).

Tuesday is good, especially its eveninggood mood on tuesday

The pessimist thinks it's too early to Friday, the optimist thinks the weekend is just around the corner. And only the realist does not think anything yet, because he is busy with work: cool statuses about Tuesday.

  1. If it was not possible to start a new life on Monday, then ... let's start with the following: D.
  2. If you want to give 100% at work, I beg you, do it better on Tuesday!
  3. Oh, no need to complain there on Tuesday morning. It's still not as bad as Monday morning.
  4. On Tuesday, my work can safely not be afraid of me, because I will not touch it))).
  5. It's hard to wake up on Monday without a headache. And on Tuesday it's much easier.
  6. Some bad news. Yesterday I was tired, today I am tired, and tomorrow I will, of course, be tired.
  7. Well, this Tuesday has come, and now what to do with it? Honestly, the salary would be better.
  8. I love Friday so much that ... I hate all other days. Especially Tuesday.
  9. No, whatever you say, starting a new life on Tuesday is not comme il faut. I'm going to lie down!
  10. It's good when you are awake on Saturday or Friday night, but when you are awake on Tuesday night, this is not good!
  11. Those with a small salary only go out on Fridays, and everyone else can go out on Tuesdays.
  12. I dreamed so much about what would happen on Friday that I did not notice: Tuesday stretched, stretched, and did not stop.
  13. You need to work on Tuesday to have enough for a cocktail at the club on Friday: D.
  14. Only the most desperate go on a Tuesday diet. The same should be done on Monday.
  15. If you believe in predictors, then only in those who predict ... days of the week.
  16. If the salary comes on Monday, then Tuesday is the time to make a stash.
  17. Tuesday is the day when it is impossible to cheer up with cognac, it is chocolate: D.
  18. We don't need any Tuesday. Let's give us Friday and Saturday, Sunday at worst.
  19. Tuesday is a wonderful day of the week: the priest sat down on an office chair until she was drawn to adventure.
  20. And I'll tell you how not to work all week. It's just that all the work needs to be done on Tuesday.
  21. Tuesday is good. It's good if your weekend starts on Wednesday.
  22. On Tuesday, it would seem, there is no stress. But I still want a chocolate bar.
  23. If you have time to hang out with friends on Tuesday night, then it's not all bad.

Only Monday can be worse than Tuesday 😀bad mood at work on tuesday

Funny statuses "Tuesday" will positively affect the mood in the middle of the work week. By the way, what about your mood?

  1. How good it is when today is Tuesday, and you can afford to ... skip your workout!
  2. Every morning I walk past the pub. So at least hail, at least revision, at least Tuesday, and drunks are always there!
  3. Tuesday is exactly the day when you “definitely” decide that this weekend will be “active”.
  4. Have you noticed that Tuesday is a day when colleagues are especially annoying?
  5. I'm especially kind on Wednesdays. But today is Tuesday, and, I'm sorry, I can't help it, I went to fig: D.
  6. Suddenly I remembered that on Tuesday my essay should have rightfully been riveted. And then I realized that I finished school)).
  7. Tuesday is good because, perhaps, what you cooked at the weekend is not over yet.
  8. It's a little difficult for me on Tuesday, but a lot on Monday.
  9. Today is Tuesday, which means that at work you will have to drink tea all day and pretend to be working.
  10. - Simple efficiency advice: give yourself some rest when tired. - I will leave work on Tuesday: D,
  11. If there is a good Monday, it is only Tuesday.
  12. Tuesday is definitely not a day when people live. This is the day they exist!
  13. Salary must be given on Tuesday. Then you will spend it not on entertainment, but on food!
  14. Be against the system. Start a new life on Tuesday!
  15. On Tuesday, I understand that I shouldn't like Wednesday so much: it's even further until Friday.
  16. A good weekend is spontaneity, not one planned back on Tuesday.
  17. What a day is Tuesday. And you can't hate him like Monday, and you can't love him like Friday.
  18. Eh, life, why are you stuck with your Tuesday. Would give at least Thursday or something.
  19. Still, sleeping on Monday is not as unpleasant as sleeping on the same Tuesday.
  20. In order for the mood on the second day of the week to be normal, you do not need to drink on the first.
  21. Be smart: Don't assume Tuesday is bad. Not so bad!
  22. The only entertainment on Tuesday is to come home and go to bed.
  23. I woke up and thought that this was the best day of my life, and then I realized that it was only Tuesday.
  24. There is no better news for Monday than to hear that it is already Tuesday: D.
  25. On Monday, you still want it to be Sunday, but on Tuesday, no.

Statuses about Tuesday inspire hope, because until Friday (in general) there is not so much left ... Hurry up to please your friends on social networks!

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