Jul 11, 2020
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Statuses about stupid people

Statuses about stupid people let out emotions, so if a person is in a very irritable condition. What is most interesting, to show his stupidity can people of totally different ages and even social status.

Sometimes just to think — harder than your mindthe woman is hard to think

  1. Someone forgets to say something. And someone thinks that I forgot, but still says.
  2. Sometimes it's easier just to pretend to be as stupid as your companion than try to understand it.
  3. To be smart, do not have to read. Sometimes there are such books, which further lowers from them...
  4. The wise live for those who need them, smart — for those who need them. Stupid — for those who don't need it, and to whom they are not needed.
  5. Smart much less friends. Do you know why? Because they don't make friends with anyone.
  6. I'm just pleased with you. And there smart or stupid, it's not so important...
  7. We always try to get to cheat, to outwit and vertitsja. And to be honest — it is somehow stupid.
  8. The smarter the person, the more he doubted himself. You can't even imagine how would I like to be silly.
  9. I just love you. And while I'm being stupid, but look the same: I need you!
  10. They say the brain can survive much easier, but sometimes in the minds of thinking happening that words can not convey.
  11. I can already see that you're stupid. In your actions, in your thoughts, even how you breathe with me is evident of your stupidity.
  12. But I'm not saying that you didn't get brain, I say that without instructions you don't understand :D.
  13. Stupid people — is also the truth. They'll just say “it's true” and they are right behind her...
  14. If you don't know how to answer a stupid question, better to be silent.
  15. Every fool, in principle, can enter. But not everyone can get smart!
  16. It becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish the stupid from the smart. There's a lot of information, and to distinguish your thoughts from others is almost impossible.
  17. And, perhaps, to become stupid? In my opinion, such people live easier :D.
  18. A person can live life, but to remain stupid. But others will have to respect. Because of his age...
  19. Stupid never argue one. Remember, he necessarily argues with a partner!
  20. It is better to be smart and think long, than to be stupid and not think.
  21. Not stupid just the person who is nonsense, but the one who listens.
  22. Wisdom can be sought anywhere, except authorities and the social system.
  23. The older you get, the better I understand: among botanists so many stupid...

Hey, you got something turned up. Perhaps, the braingirl crushes

Involuntarily the impression that some people were taught nonsense so skillfully they possess this skill. However, this — in statuses about stupid people with meaning.

  1. Happier than dumb people, the unhappier smart, which is next door.
  2. Well, why are you constantly trying to communicate with me? I did not understand that you're too stupid?
  3. The most annoying is when I sit like this with a straight face, and then get some terrible.
  4. Some people want to give money, so they just did not come. Just any amount.
  5. Have you noticed that people who watch the cartoons, much smarter than those that watch Russian TV series?
  6. Find out whether there are pills of stupidity. If so, get yourself a couple. Boxes.
  7. Maybe you didn't know, but stupid people can be Sonicom, and smart stop drinking.
  8. I don't need anything from you. Just step away and don't talk to me: I'm afraid to get infected with stupidity.
  9. Do you know how to distinguish a stupid person? He has no idea that he's stupid.
  10. Don't look at me, you have such a stupid opinion, I just want to cry :D.
  11. Mood: Vitaly. Kind of want to say something, but I will say what I want.
  12. Don't forget that stupid people just do not have enough brains to realize that they are stupid.
  13. People who can make stupid look when they need to, in fact, the most intelligent.
  14. Sometimes you look and think, “Well, stupid”. And then a closer look, and with pity understand: “Pretending.”
  15. I am not your stupidity. Freaking out by the fact that I am unable to cope with it.
  16. Not even all the smart learn from others ' mistakes that really there to talk about stupid.
  17. All see all around you is basically stupid. And only the wise can eye to distinguish between clever and stupid.
  18. Smart we may be, make life. And fools we make ourselves and themselves.
  19. Many criticized men who beat women, but hardly anyone condemns women who suffer.
  20. If you see that you are smarter than a friend, it doesn't mean you're not stupid. The truth of life.
  21. People can become more intelligent only if he wants to. And this is unlikely. Remember that really annoying a stranger is stupidity.
  22. Stupid hide your love, smart — talk, but a wise man will not be simple to hide.
  23. For me, the chatter of stupid people — just the sound. I just do not pay their attention on them.
  24. It's a clever sidestep difficulties. Fools, as a rule, go ahead.

For a really dumb — any lawsstupid people

Statuses about stupidity, understandable language that is annoying. Perhaps those who fit this description, finally realize what their true problem.

  1. I really think my dog is smarter than most people :D.
  2. In your head when fighting stupidity and wisdom is one thing. But when two of stupidity — it is a problem.
  3. I hate that I'm smart. Well, not men like erudition, the woman needs to be a bit silly...
  4. In some situations, even the most intelligent have to make a fool of myself.
  5. Build yourself smart only fools. And smart, in turn, behave as simple as possible.
  6. If you're in doubt, I have good news for you: you're probably smart.
  7. If you pay exactly as stupid, it does not mean that you will be asking how smart!
  8. Bragging and smart, and stupid. But happy in the end, those who may silently be glad that you have reached.
  9. Stupid easy to ruffle. Smart — is a little more complicated, but if he see stupid, that's all :D.
  10. Do you understand the difference between us is that I include the stupid series in exceptional cases, and in all the others.
  11. Beautiful and intelligent, smart and beautiful or handsome and rich? The problem is that most choose the latter.
  12. A fool with a sad fate will remain a fool. But smart still try to do something.
  13. In fact, many truly smart people would become fools!
  14. What is around — some fools? Well, congratulations, you are the main...
  15. If you are called stupid, don't ask why, and then immediately see the evidence!
  16. Really smart not afraid to seem weak, that's why silent!
  17. To get married in early adolescence — is undesirable, because at this time we usually like narcissistic idiots.
  18. Over time people gain wisdom, but it is in fairy tales. Actually become old fools...
  19. If you fear that would be stupid surrounded by stupid people, so the stupidity is present within you))).
  20. Even a fool knows that the stars from the sky will not work. But, you know, I'll try. I'm not a fool :).
  21. If you do not have to utter the phrase: “I was such a fool”, then you have not lived in fact :D.
  22. Usually in order to marry a smart woman needs to namuchalsya with some pompous fool.

Statuses about stupidity of people — that's what is missing from vanilla phrases. This is a very worthy way to stand out

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