Jul 11, 2020
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Statuses about hockey

Statuses in VK Pro hockey is only for real connoisseurs. And it's not so important what the weather or even time of the year outside the window.

Hockey — the coolest gamethe game of hockey

  1. In hockey the main thing is not gear. In hockey the main thing is a dream.
  2. The rules are simple. But to win, damn it, really hard.
  3. I'm not afraid to play, let it sometimes hurts. But that's why I achieve a lot.
  4. I feel grow with each workout. I feel like getting stronger.
  5. In hockey complex your character is useless. Here you are — exactly the same player as everyone else.
  6. Some people watch football, some people watch hockey. Well, I watch football and hockey.
  7. Anyway, and in the life of this man should be hockey.
  8. Hockey is not given to everyone. Hockey where it's cold. Hockey where tempers of the soul.
  9. If your wife wants to send his son to figure skating, silently lead him into hockey!
  10. For most the Earth is round, some flat. But for the players — generally in the form of washers :D.
  11. Son I give to hockey. Already looking mugs. Well, what if I do not have a son?))
  12. Skip beats, sometimes it can be. But none of them may remain unanswered.
  13. I didn't even notice when comrades on the field have become real friends...
  14. For someone hockey is a game. And for me, hockey is the air. Without him, I can't breathe!
  15. I'm not afraid of blows. Baby, you just can't do this hurts me more than the puck.
  16. Don't smoke, drink, play hockey. The perfect man!
  17. Hockey is a game that doesn't let go. You can say that you found another passion, but I know that's not true.
  18. Field hockey — this is difficult and all these your relationship... well, this.
  19. — Go to the movies? I have football practice. — In a cafe? — Training. — On the waterfront. — Training...
  20. On the ice no panties. Hockey play only the brave.
  21. We lead a healthy lifestyle. The worst is our habit — it's hockey!
  22. For me it is more than a sport. For me it is a lifetime.
  23. It's tennis “play”. In hockey if you fight.
  24. In hockey the most difficult is to make up a good chant :d
  25. Still, hockey is a sport for real men!
  26. In life you will be punished for hooliganism. And in hockey, just give 2 minutes.
  27. Hockey is just a game, but so be it for the opponent. And for us this is a game with a victory.
  28. Some criticize men for what they are watching football and I swear that he is watching hockey :d
  29. I love you more than football... But definitely not harder than hockey))).

For me hockey is like water and airhockey game

To get involved in hockey is quite precarious. Try hockey status: you will love it!

  1. Even when I close my eyes, imagine a hockey match. So I love hockey!
  2. For me perversion is hockey on the pavement, and that's all that matters.
  3. Players have the best girls, and it is not discussed.
  4. Every match for me is a chance to prove something, and every workout is quite a lot of possibilities.
  5. In my childhood I dreamt of becoming a hockey player. Now I grew up, and nothing, in General, has not changed.
  6. Not every real man plays hockey, but everyone interested in...
  7. Only our players could manage to play in the match with the players.
  8. The girl told me not to swear, and I went to hockey: there is generally no one cares what I say :D.
  9. I know that can stop time. At least for me. This is the game of hockey.
  10. I used to love winter for hockey and then I fell in love with the money, because they can be used to buy hockey)).
  11. You should try to understand the coach, but may not understand. The main thing for you is to go the extra mile.
  12. I'm just playing as best they can. But you get maximum enjoyment.
  13. Don't want to offend you, but for me hockey is more important than you!
  14. If you are of the movement, then why don't you love hockey?
  15. My world turned upside down when I found out that there is a women's volleyball :D.
  16. Let the loud music playing and the sound of applause. Today we won the match.
  17. What hockey does not happen too much. Do it again!
  18. Well, what I won't become a hockey player? But I do what I really want.
  19. For some it is just a field of ice. And for me — a place where I really live...
  20. Hockey — not pretentious game. Here really important result.
  21. In hockey as in any other field: there are the talents.
  22. Hockey is fine, but the team names are still strange...
  23. To waste time is to watch TV, to enjoy is to play hockey.
  24. Winter for us — not so beautiful, if she is a hockey player.
  25. Summer is, of course, fine. But very much I miss hockey.
  26. Those who have a child running around with a stick on the ice field grows a different person...
  27. Stick to hockey seriously. Just imagine: then all the beautiful female fans — yours!
  28. The authority should not Gopnik from the district and hockey coach!!!
  29. I don't care any rumors, I do not value your thoughts. I put on my skates, and just withdraw from everything around.

And that means hockey for you?I love hockey

The statuses of the players, probably more interesting to girls. However, let's find out personally.

  1. For the puck, he will follow in one case: if it is to play hockey.
  2. Women's hockey? Well, it's the same thing that men and Pul-dens. Like you can, but this...
  3. At school I played hockey. But nothing. And now I can catch up!
  4. My dream is to be a master in his game. And cars and other show-off — it's not for me!
  5. Since childhood I remember only a sports school. Thank God, I have not really had the time to run the garages.
  6. Yeah, baby, in our relationship I am the newcomer. Increasingly, the puck is more important to me than your attention!
  7. You know, better to be an old hockey player than an old alcoholic. We'll see about that!
  8. I play hockey. And I fear that for me it is more interesting to many important processes in life.
  9. Hate. Just hate those who call hockey is football on ice...
  10. Hockey. What can I say. Somehow this started for the new year, and still can't get used to!
  11. Hockey is a bunch of injuries, falls, and moments where you have nothing. That is actually hockey.
  12. I kinda ordinary office worker. But hockey for me is more than just a hobby.
  13. Don't hold back. If you feel that you really want to go on the ice, go...
  14. In hockey, you're always bigger, stronger and more beautiful. You seem to immediately become a man.
  15. In hockey, I don't need to ask. I just hit the puck and Dodge the blows, if needed.
  16. In my opinion, hockey players are just happy that hockey is an unpopular sport.
  17. I don't know the name of any great hockey player. I just want to play, stop, I don't need to know!
  18. It's beyond ice we're friends. Here we — the players — and sometimes even opponents.
  19. No, no, no, girls. To cuddle up on the players — not what sticks to the players...
  20. I score the puck — much easier than to make up a good name for the team :D.
  21. While I play hockey, I'm young. I think so!
  22. In football a lot of emotion in tango a lot of passion, and only in hockey a lot of sports.
  23. And like hockey is designed to strain the body, but here I rest the soul.
  24. Jokes aside, hockey is much more interesting than it might seem at first glance.
  25. Hockey doesn't need the money. I thought, and Oh how surprised.

Put banal Hobbies and everyday things. Don't be afraid to say that like with statuses about hockey.

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