Jun 4, 2022
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State of emergency: The young daughter of the Deputy Minister for Construction was found dead with 10 stab wounds


A 17-year-old girl was brutally murdered in an abandoned house.

The media reported terrible news – the body of a girl with multiple stab wounds was found in an abandoned house in the Odintsovo district. The deceased turned out to be the daughter of Marat Sibatulin, Deputy Minister for Construction of the Moscow Region. The operatives in hot pursuit detained the alleged killer.

The body of 17-year-old Eva was found in one of the abandoned houses in the village of Romashkovo, Odintsovo district. According to sources, the father of the murdered woman, Marat Sibatulin, sounded the alarm when her daughter stopped communicating. Then the deputy minister contacted the girl’s friends and began searching. He discovered the body of his daughter in an abandoned building.

As the investigation managed to find out, yesterday a group of teenagers, among whom was Eva, rested in the village of Romashkovo – there young people walked, drank beer and fired from an air pistol. Former young man Kirill Yurchikov came to Sibatulina from Troitsk, who suggested that the whole company tickle their nerves and go to abandoned houses on the outskirts of the village. The drunk teenagers agreed. Presumably, Cyril lured Eve into one of the rooms where he wanted to find out the relationship.

It is reported that a few days before the tragedy, the lovers had a big fight, and the girl wanted to part with the young man. Another quarrel, presumably due to jealousy, broke out in an abandoned house, as a result, the guy inflicted numerous wounds on the schoolgirl with a knife. Criminalists counted at least 10 stab wounds on Eva’s body, according to the Telegram channel Newsach/Dvach.

The suspect Yurchikov has already been detained. In the near future he will be interrogated by the Investigative Committee. Kirill’s father was also summoned for interrogation. According to some reports, it was the stepfather who personally called the Nemchinovsky police department and said that he himself would bring his son to the police from the hospital – the young man had a hand injury.

It is known that 17-year-old Eva graduated from a private school and was fond of modeling. In her social networks you can find many fragments from professional photo shoots. There is little information on the Web about Yurchikov’s life. In one of the guy’s accounts there are pictures of him in a hockey uniform on ice. Probably, Cyril is seriously interested in sports.

The girl’s father, 40-year-old Marat Sibatulin, holds the post of Deputy Minister for Construction of the Moscow Region. Previously, he was the head of the department for the repair and maintenance of roads of the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure of the Moscow Region, and was the head of the procurement department. It is known that Sibatulin also has a minor son.

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