Jun 11, 2022
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State of emergency: The wife of Arkady Ukupnik almost killed a man


The wife of the artist Arkady Ukupnik ran over.

Today in the Russian capital there was a terrible accident involving the wife of Arkady Ukupnik. A woman in a luxury car hit a man at a crosswalk.

The collision happened on Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Street in Moscow. The city dweller decided to cross the road, not paying any attention to the red traffic light and the moving stream of cars.

Natalya Ukupnik, who was driving at that moment in her Porshe, did not have time to react and slow down in time. As a result, the man was thrown several meters from the car from the impact. The shocked wife of the musician hastened to take the victim to the hospital. Fortunately, he is conscious and his life is not in danger.

However, according to lawyer David Mashkov, the driver can still be held liable for the accident. The punishment will be especially severe if there are aggravating circumstances. However, a criminal case can only be initiated temporarily, until all factors are clarified.

According to article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, a violation by a person driving a car of the rules of the road or the operation of vehicles, which negligently caused serious harm to human health, entails criminal liability. However, in practice, it happens that a criminal case is initiated upon the fact of an accident and until the severity of the harm caused to the health of the victim is established. The fact that the wife of Mr. Ukupnik independently took the victim to a medical facility will be considered as a mitigating circumstance, because she herself made efforts to eliminate the consequences. Of course, for leaving the scene of an accident, administrative responsibility is provided with punishment up to deprivation of rights for a certain period. It is possible to determine the responsibility of the driver after studying and establishing all the circumstances of the incident. The maximum punishment for this crime, if the person was in a state of intoxication, provides for imprisonment of up to seven years.“, the expert explained.

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