Jan 28, 2021
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State Duma agenda includes issue of agreement on START extension

The State Duma decided to include in the agenda of the meeting, which is taking place on Wednesday, the question of ratifying the agreement on the five-year extension of the Treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States on measures to further reduce and limit strategic offensive arms (START, START-3), TASS reports.

The proposal was made by the committee of the lower house on international affairs. Earlier, he unanimously decided to recommend the State Duma to ratify the document. The draft law on ratification was also supported by the State Duma Defense Committee.

Russia and the United States have decided to extend it for five years, until February 5, 2026. The agreement to extend the contract was concluded between the countries in the form of an exchange of notes.

On January 26, a telephone conversation took place between the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden. The leaders of the countries expressed satisfaction in connection with the exchange of diplomatic notes on reaching an agreement on the extension of the START Treaty.

Today START-3 is the only effective arms limitation treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States. If it had not been extended, there would have been no agreements in the world that would limit the arsenals of the major nuclear powers.

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