Feb 20, 2021
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State Department employees prayed for vaccination with “Sputnik-V”

State Department employees prayed for vaccination with

Photo: Petr Kovalev / TASS

The fight against the coronavirus pandemic is not only medical, but also political. The countries of the world look at Russia, the first to create an effective vaccine Sputnik-V, with admiration or hatred. Depending on your geopolitical status. Moscow is ready to help everyone, except for the most violent Russophobes.

According to Kommersant, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent all foreign embassies located in Moscow a note inviting them to receive free vaccinations against COVID-19. The embassies of the CIS countries, Asia, Africa and Latin America have already begun to send employees for vaccinations. We can talk about 12 thousand diplomats, as well as their family members.

“The practice of inviting the diplomatic corps to be vaccinated against coronavirus infection is widespread in many states, and it is quite understandable – a successful fight against the epidemic requires, as far as possible, wide coverage of all people in the country. The Russian Foreign Ministry is no exception, “RBC quotes Maria Zakharova

The Foreign Ministry recalled that Russia is fulfilling its obligations under international treaties, including the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. It says, in particular, that the receiving party is obliged to provide diplomatic missions with the conditions necessary for work and safety. Some of the employees of the embassies of Mongolia, Spain and Italy have already taken root.

However, things are not easy with the diplomats of Western countries. A number of US State Department officials in Moscow have asked the Russian authorities to vaccinate, according to The Washington Post. The State Department does not recommend vaccinating with the Russian vaccine until it is approved by WHO, but it does not prohibit doing this either. And here is the US ambassador to the Russian Federation John Sullivan refused to be vaccinated with “Sputnik-V”.

It can be seen that the Americans both want and inject. The Russians could not help but react to this. “Of course, American diplomats can be vaccinated with any Russian vaccine of their choice, even free of charge. Only for this you will have to fly to the Crimea, as free doses of the vaccine are available only in Sevastopol, ”they sneer in the network. But there is some truth in every joke.

So far, the most hostile position in relation to the Russian vaccine is taken by the Ukrainian authorities. There, the resistance to the Russian drug was led personally by President Vladimir Zelensky, who doubted its quality, despite the approval of the professional medical publication The Lancet. Then Kiev completely banned the registration of Sputnik V.

Crimean political scientist Vladimir Jaralla believes that Russia should show goodwill even with those countries that openly put a spoke in its wheel.

– In Berlin, in Treptower Park, there is a monument to a Soviet soldier. He has a German girl in his arms. Probably, this is what was reflected in the old rule for warriors: in a war you need to show courage, fortitude, uncompromising, and in victory you need to show generosity. Let me remind you that this is a property of the Russian character, which was adopted by the Soviet era, the Soviet people. And now, when the national revival of Russia is taking place, the return to these true values ​​is the only possible way to understand oneself.

“SP”: That is, the enemies are not enemies, will we still get a shot?

– Helping, showing generosity in trouble, being honest with others, probably best of all these qualities characterize the proposal of our Foreign Ministry to foreign diplomats to be vaccinated with our vaccine. Of course, these people need help, because in addition to diplomats, we are talking about their family members. And if the employees of the US diplomatic mission are doing their duty to their country, as they understand it, and their country is our enemy, then this is reality. But their children will grow up and they will shape the future. It would be right to meet and help them. Another thing is that one cannot expect to receive something in return.

“SP”: And maybe invite them to be vaccinated in Crimea? If they were so impatient. At the same time, they will see how the peninsula lives …

– Of course, it was possible to troll them with this … Let me remind you that Russian citizens who lived in Crimea until 2014 still cannot receive any documents from the British or US embassies as Russian citizens. They are required to do this, if necessary, only in Kiev. And no compromises are allowed here.

This is in stark contrast to the above. Yes, we see that they are dishonest, we know that they are our opponents, but in this case we rise above this and come to much more important values.

Director of the Institute of Freedom, member of the bureau of the Rodina party council Fyodor Biryukov expects that the Sputnik V vaccine will not only protect Western diplomats from COVID-19, but also cure them of Russophobia.

– Against the background of the entire vaccine war that is taking place in the world, more and more countries and more and more political sectors are choosing the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. Not at all because they refuse Russophobia, but because our vaccine is by far the most reliable.

It is already clear from the experience of vaccination that it does not give any side effects. Unlike other vaccines, from which there were even fatal cases. The approach of our developers and scientists turned out to be the most pragmatic and responsible.

Therefore, regardless of the issues of political tolerance, even American diplomats want to be vaccinated to protect their health. The initiative of the Russian Foreign Ministry is correct, because in this case we will be vaccinated not only against COVID-19, but also against Russophobia.

“SP”: Are we too kind to those who see us as enemies?

– Russia always brings goodness to the world. We cannot do otherwise. We cannot be materialistic. If American diplomats asked them to be vaccinated, then we will not beat them at exorbitant prices. Because we are Russians. God is with us. Mercantile spirit is just a Western theme.

“SP”: Indeed, we are ashamed to tear three skins even from Americans. But you can invite them to take root in the Crimea. They say that there are extra doses only in Sevastopol. If you want, you are welcome …

– Interesting idea. You can organize free vaccinations for Americans, Europeans, and maybe other diplomats on the Russian peninsula. At the same time, they will be able to relax there, breathe fresh air, enjoy the Crimean landscapes. This will benefit both their health and the geopolitical sobriety of Western diplomacy.

In turn ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, co-chairman of the Salvation Committee of Ukraine Volodymyr Oleinik pointed out that Ukrainian diplomats in Moscow will not be left without Sputnik V vaccination.

– Relations between Russia and Ukraine have not been established at the level of ambassadors. There is no Ukrainian ambassador in Moscow. And all the other employees of the embassy and consulates work in their places.

SP: It means that they will receive an offer from the Russian Foreign Ministry and will be able to take a root …

– They can also be vaccinated through unofficial channels. For example, in Moscow shopping centers. At the Afimall Center in Moscow City, they invite you for vaccination every 40 minutes. Some vaccinations even provide ice cream. The Moscow government made such a decision. Diplomats from Kiev can show their Ukrainian passport, put on a mask … Nobody will tell you. And then they say no to the Russian vaccine.

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