Oct 15, 2020
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State Council to assist the president. Putin submitted a new bill to the State Duma

October 14 President Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma a bill on the State Council. According to Head of the profile committee of the State Duma Pavel Krasheninnikov, MPs can consider the document in late October or early November as a priority.

The bill establishes a new structure, status and powers of the body. The composition will be formed by the president himself, he will also take the post of chairman of the State Council. The body can initiate the adoption of new laws or amendments to existing ones, it will also be given the right to develop strategic planning documents. The main task of the State Council is to assist the president.

According to political scientist Marat Bashirova, we are talking about the coordination of actions between different levels of government - the government, the Federal Assembly and the regions. "At the same time," he says, "those bodies that are considered law enforcement and control bodies that protect the rights of citizens and the interests of the state in the field of finance, security and other priorities, I mean the area of ​​responsibility of the prosecutor's office, will also be involved here."

Marat Bashirov considers the most important advantages of the bill to be synchronization of actions and comprehensive development of decisions.

“This is what we have seen recently in the work of the State Council, when the governors gathered and discussed some topic, and then the president came and, accordingly, a decision was made,” the political scientist explains. - Now it is already moving to a legislative basis, i.e. now these are not just consultations, but already the format of the presidential administration. The head of state will not in fact delegate his constitutional powers, but will accept the point of view of the State Council and then submit it in the form of legislative decisions, instructions or decrees. "

Members of the State Council will be banned from holding foreign citizenship or residence permits, as well as holding foreign accounts.

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