Aug 13, 2022
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Stas Piekha told how his son reacted to his divorce


Singer Stas Piekha shared the details of his divorce.

The artist broke up with his son’s mother Natalya Gorchakova in 2015, but remained on good terms with her, helping her take care of Petya. The child does not yet ask why mom and dad do not live together.

Now the star heir lives with his mother in the Leningrad region, but Stas spends most of his time in Moscow. “Given that he is the son of an artist who is constantly away on tour and filming, we would not see each other every day, even living together. The format of the relationship “in touch with the pope” would be in any case”, Piekha explains his decision.

He considers himself a good father who takes maximum care of the child – helps financially and constantly communicates with him via video link, being interested in success and victories. But why mom and dad don’t live together, Petya hasn’t asked yet. Most likely, he sees how his parents communicate nicely with each other, so he does not yet fully understand all the intricacies of their relationship.

Stas Piekha - photo from the archive -
Stas Piekha – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

With Petya’s mother, we have maintained a warm family relationship. I didn’t go into the details of parting with my mother, my son will grow up, start asking questions, and we will talk with him on this topic like a man“, – decided the singer.

Of course, due to the tight tour schedule, he wants to have more time for his son, but so far these are just dreams. Although, as soon as he is in St. Petersburg, he comes to visit him. “Of course, I want to see you more often. I try to visit my son whenever possible.“, – says the artist.

Recently, the boy was hospitalized with a minor injury, but he showed a strong character and showed himself to be a real fine fellow. “Perenitaet very worthy, practically did not complain. He rather missed his usual life and suffered from temporary restrictions associated with hospitalization.“, – said Piekha “Telenedeln stars”.

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