Nov 3, 2021
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Stas Piekha considers guest marriage to be normal


Singer Stas Piekha refused to participate in the show “Bachelor”.

The artist admitted that he was invited several times to become the star of the show “The Bachelor” of the TNT channel. However, the artist refused the tempting offer to be in the center of female attention. He believes that they go to the project solely for the sake of PR.

41-year-old Stas Piekha is still married to Natalya Gorchakova, who gave him a son, Petya. However, the spouses have been living their own lives for a long time. And now the artist is completely spinning a relationship with a spectacular blonde. However, he is not going to share the details of the new novel. Staying true to his principle, the star even abandoned the popular show “The Bachelor”.

In my value chain, flaunting my personal life, doing it on TV, is squeamish. On the other hand, why not pretend that I am going on dates with someone on the Cote d’Azur for a lot of money? I understand that everyone is promoting this project. The more tenacious gets his dose of PR and builds a career, not a personal life“, – said the performer of the hit” Me and You “.

Stas Piekha
Stas Piekha

Piekha noted that he was not delighted with the very idea of ​​the show: “The story itself, when 25 women are fighting for one man, is somehow pathological. Nature is so conceived that a man achieves a woman. When, on the contrary, and even in such a quantity … The design is very wobbly. This is very strange and not for me“.

However, the artist is not so conservative in all matters. For example, he admitted that he advocates the idea of ​​a guest marriage, when the couple does not have to live together. “But do not confuse it with a free relationship, I am against them. Guest marriage does not mean that partners do what they want and sleep with whoever they want.“, – warns the artist ..

Now the performer is focused on caring for seven-year-old Petya. In the summer, the son of Stas Piekha was attacked, the boy experienced severe emotional stress and received numerous injuries. He is still under medical supervision.

Learning helps a child to distract from unpleasant memories. “Petya really likes school, he learns with pleasure. The son even turned from an owl into a lark and calmly prepares for school in the morning – the teacher was able to win his trust and captivate subjects“- said the proud father.

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