Nov 4, 2021
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Stas Piekha admitted that he suffers from bouts of aggression


Singer Stas Piekha said that he was tired of burying friends.

Several years ago, the artist opened his own clinic, where people are helped to overcome addiction. According to the artist, you should always give a second chance to those who are at a dead end. “A person needs to learn to live anew. I, as an addict, survived, and I like the way I live now. By the way, I still go to group classes, as my brain constantly comes up with new and new problems.“, – the performer admitted.

Now Piekha leads a healthy lifestyle: he is actively involved in sports, does not smoke and practically does not drink alcohol. “I’m the only ex-addict who looks so good. Basically, everyone who started using me no longer lives. Tired of going to the funeral, and decided not to go to the drug addicts goodbye anymore. Everyone decides for himself – to die or not to die“, – said the 41-year-old musician.

Stas Piekha
Stas Piekha

In recent years, the artist has changed a lot. Stas reconsidered his outlook on life and decided that he no longer wanted to go down the crooked path. The performer devotes all his time to his patients and his son Petya, who recently went to first grade.

My main reaction is aggression. I used to run out of the car and fight everyone. Now I have set myself boundaries – not to open a window and not to enter into a dialogue with anyone. If I understand that there is a problem, then I ask for help. I have a psychologist. Now I’m not shit! True, I break the sets sometimes, I broke two sofas … despite the fact that I don’t use them. I don’t want to hang around anymore“, – concluded Piekha in the YouTube show” Antonyms “.

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