Feb 23, 2021
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Stas Mikhailov’s wife ordered a belly dancer for her husband on Defender of the Fatherland Day

16:26, 23.02.2021

The singer was very pleased with his wife’s surprise.

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51-year-old Stas Mikhailov with his third wife Innoy together for 14 years. An idyll reigns in the relationship of the spouses. For each holiday, lovers make touching and unusual surprises for each other.

Today, in honor of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, Inna decided to please her husband and ordered him to be a belly dancer. She noted that Mikhailov was delighted with the surprise. Inna posted the video of the dance in her microblog on Instagram.

Stas Mikhailov’s wife ordered a belly dancer for her husband

We add that Mikhailov was married twice. It is known that the singer’s official first marriage was concluded with Innoy Gorb, with whom the singer lived together for a short time and divorced. The singer’s current wife, Inna Kanchelskis, nee Ponomareva, was once the winner of one of the beauty contests and the ex-wife of a football player Andrey Kanchelskis

In 2006, after the concert, Mikhailov himself met Inna. The next day, the singer called her, and they had a whirlwind romance. In 2009, Inna gave birth to Stas’s daughter And bath… The star couple got married on August 12, 2011. A magnificent wedding took place in a French castle. In 2012, a daughter was born to lovers Maria

Note that Mikhailov is a father of many children. His son Nikita was born in 2001 in his first marriage with Inna Gorb. Daughter Daria was born to the artist in 2005 from the singer’s cousin Valeria Natalia Zotova… Just like his own, Mikhailov treats his wife’s children from his first marriage – the 27-year-old Andrey and 21 year old Here

Stas Mikhailov with his family

Recall that at the end of last year, Stas Mikhailov was at the center of a scandal. The singer promised to support his musicians during the coronavirus pandemic, but then allegedly fired almost the entire team. Ex-guitarist Mikhailova Glory to Marquez said that the artist, contrary to public statements, did not pay salaries to his musicians.

Stas Mikhailov’s wife stood up for her husband. In her microblog on Instagram, Inna said that some public figures prefer to vilify colleagues for their own PR. The wife of the musician noted that ex-guitarist Mikhailov Slava Marquez speaks negatively about the artist because he was offended by him after his dismissal. According to Inna, the conflict matured when Stas suggested that the guitarist go on tour to Yakutsk for five days. The amount of the fee of 15 thousand rubles seemed ridiculous to Marquez and he himself refused the concert. It also turned out that Mikhailov had no financial debts to the team. Stas paid each musician 50 thousand rubles. According to the star, he did not transfer money to only one artist, because he himself left the group in the summer.

Stas Mikhailov with his wife Inna

By the way, Mikhailov was one of the first among Russian pop stars to report that he had had a coronavirus. The disease overtook the pop artist in April. First, doctors diagnosed the singer with pneumonia, while tests showed negative results for COVID-19. However, soon the chansonnier’s coronavirus was confirmed.

In December last year, Mikhailov spoke about the consequences of the disease, which he suffered hard. The artist complained that he still does not understand how he got infected with COVID-19. According to Mikhailov, the disease affected the heart in some, and the joints in others. The artist added that his liver was badly damaged. Stas noted that after recovery, everyone needs to undergo a full examination.

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