Jan 26, 2021
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Stas Kostyushkin’s sister blushes kinship with him

Former soloist of the famous musical duet “Tea for Two” Stas Kostyushkin said that his brother and sister blush him, so they strive not to talk about the fact that they portray him as relatives.

Stas Kostyushkin's sister blushes kinship with him

It turned out that the singer has both a brother and a sister, but both of them do not want to have anything in common with him. The performer said that everything was in his person, around which there are countless tara-bars-rasta-bars and hype.

Stas added that the things happening to him are not very short for brother and sister. He reported on one case, because of which his sister simply wanted to disappear, she was so embarrassed. She was in the fraternity of friends when the performance of the group “Tea for Two” began to broadcast on TV. Kostyushkin said that they somehow flew onto the stage together with Denis in pilot hats and yelled “you’ve already gone flying” and, in general, the song was about nothing and they didn’t have a special genre either. And in fact, for this, his sister felt ashamed, and she decided not to tell anyone that she portrays him as a sister.

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