Aug 9, 2022
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Stas Kostyushkin spoke about the conflict with Laima Vaikule


Singer Stas Kostyushkin still remembers dislike for the artist.

Kostyushkin shared his memories of working with Laima Vaikule. It turned out that during the performance, the artist preferred another soloist of the “Tea for Two” group, completely ignoring Stas. The singer did not even remember the name of the performer.

The 50-year-old artist admits that at the dawn of his career in the Tea for Two duet, few people remembered his name. Even the concert director of the band often confused Kostyushkin with Denis Klyaver. Vaikule also showed preference for the second performer, although they often performed on the same stage.

Lyme couldn’t learn my name at all, ”Stas said. – All the time she said: “Now I want to invite two amazing guys to the stage. This is charming Denis and…” She looked at me and I just walked out in silence. I then approached her: “Lyma, I thought for a long time how you would remember my name. And I got an idea! Your dad’s name is Stas. Why can’t you remember?»

Laima Vaikule - photo from the archive -
Laima Vaikule – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

A few years later, history repeated itself on the show “Two Stars”. True, now the blonde did not even pay attention to her colleague.

TV producer Andrey Boltenko says to me: “You will sing with Laima. What are you upset about?” Me: “Yes, she doesn’t love me very much …” And he told this story. When we went on stage to work, I heard Andrey’s cackle. He saw that Lyme was not looking at me at all. That is, some man hangs out from behind, and she clings to Denis. Andrey said: “Well, it’s necessary! Really doesn’t love you“, – shared the artist.

Despite ignoring his person, Stas speaks tenderly about the performer of the hit “It’s Not Evening Yet.”

Lima is a professional of the highest level! We traveled to 20 concerts with her. Before our release, I watched all the shows. It was so fantastic! Everything is algorithmically calculated: when people cry, when they laugh and when they stand up shouting “bravo”. How is this possible?! I scooped it up. This only works in a professional team“, – he said in the YouTube show “Old Friend” by Sergey Druzhko and Dima Pavlov.

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