Aug 14, 2022
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Stas Kostyushkin, after many years of friendship, stopped communicating with Klyaver


Singer Stas Kostyushkin, together with Denis Klyaver, performed in the duet “Tea for Two” and were friends.

For 18 years, Stas Kostyushkin and Denis Klyaver were not only soloists of the Tea Together group, but also friends. However, when the artists decided to perform separately, they stopped communicating off stage.

Families are not friends, there is not enough time“, – Stas Kostyushkin admitted on the YouTube show “Old Friend”. Nevertheless, the musician claims that they did not swear, and there is no misunderstanding between them.

Stas Kostyushkin and Denis Klyaver
Stas Kostyushkin and Denis Klyaver

When men run out of common interests, they probably end their friendship as well.“, – explained the artist.

As Kostyushkin said, they created a duet with Klyaver in spite of the girls with whom they were close at that time and who did not believe in their future success. The guys wanted to prove that they were worth something, and they did it quite well.

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