Apr 19, 2021
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Stas Cherchesov. He’s not a kebab man!

Stas Cherchesov. He’s not a kebab man!

The head coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov understands that it is impossible to stay in his post forever. It is quite possible that it will be removed after the summer Euro.

Therefore, you need to have time to earn some money and develop a business in order to then lead it in life after big football.

Let’s say right away that there is nothing wrong with that. Stanislav Salamovich is a sane person. And he perfectly understands how much he has already done for Russian sports. Actually, he has already created the main fairy tale. You remember the moment when the Russian national team was like a dump. The Italian coach, greedy as an alligator, Fabio Capello, has sucked all the juices out of our team. There was no money in the budget, no prospects. Cherchesov accepted the team, withstood a disgusting flurry of criticism, but shot at the home World Cup when he brought the Russian national team to the quarterfinals, where our guys lost only to Croatia on penalties. And if Fedya Smolov had not performed that blow by a panenka in the center of the gate, you see, they would have played with the British in the semifinals.

Cherchesov was then called SuperStas, was depicted in graffiti on many walls in Russia, his mustache sticking out by a hedgehog was parodied, and Artem Dzyuba put his hand, which had not yet been discredited, to his temple, imitating that he was giving Stanislav his honor as a brave military man.

Cherchesov came to talk shows, for example, to Vladimir Solovyov. Gave politically correct interviews, was in trend. And it is clear that advertisers were and still are interested in it. Therefore, let’s calculate how much Stanislav Salamovich earns. The famous sports journalist Nobel Arustamyan spoke about the details of the terms of the new contract between the Russian Football Union (RFU) and the head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov.

According to insiders, the coach’s salary is 2.4 million euros per year, but could reach 3 million euros, taking into account bonuses. Moreover, in March 2020, Cherchesov extended the contract with the RFU, and this deal works according to the “2 + 2” scheme. According to insiders, the agreement is automatically extended if the Russian team gets to the European Championship – 2021.

And we got there. If someone recalls the shameful match with Serbia (0: 5) at the end of last year, then there was a completely different tournament – the League of Nations. And he was not spelled out in the contract. In general, Cherchesov provided himself financially. And even if they suddenly want to terminate the contract with him after Euro 2021 in case of some too shameful performance, the employer will be obliged to pay a decent penalty.

In addition, Cherchesov starred in advertising for VTB. He also constantly posts various photos with new brands of cars, for example, a Cadillac, in his Instagram account, set up especially for this occasion. This is another source of income.

And the other day one Telegram channel, which rarely makes mistakes, gave the news that Cherchesov appealed to the arbitration court to obtain a land plot for … fish farming. As it turned out, the 57-year-old specialist, on behalf of the Arlan Fish company, filed a statement of claim demanding to lease a plot of land with an area of ​​60 square meters near the Currentidon River at half the price – at the cadastral value.

The plot costs 90 thousand rubles, so if he wins the case, Cherchesov will be able to save 45 thousand rubles. Chicken grain by grain …

Representatives of the company said that after obtaining the rights to the land they plan to gain profit. Cherchesov, according to the catalog of legal entities, is listed as one of the founders of this company with a share of just over 50%. The Ministry of Property of North Ossetia does not support the firm’s demands to conclude a sale and purchase agreement for the land plot. But let’s see who wins the trial.

We repeat that we have no complaints about Stas. Yes, some fans write about it: “What other business? He should think about the Russian national team, and only about it! ” Others generally contemptuously call him a “kebab man”: “Why are there only 60“ squares ”? Put the brazier there? “

But we support Cherchesov. The athlete’s age is short. The age of the head coach of the Russian national team is even shorter. Another cycle went by, and you flew away. So, if there is an opportunity to monetize yourself, you need to use it.

Stepan Stroyev.

Photo: Agency “Moscow” / I. Ivanko.

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