Sep 19, 2022
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Stars have raised prices for their concerts… but not all

Stars have raised prices for their concerts… but not all

Some media wrote that show business, which, from an economic point of view, barely started to grow after the pandemic, was again in a difficult situation. And artists are even forced to reduce their fees. Is it so?

Everything in nature dies in autumn. And in show business, on the contrary, the dead season ends. Artists go on concert tours, they are invited to private parties and corporate parties by rich people who have returned from resorts. Already in September, schedules for New Year’s performances begin to be drawn up. Tough adjustments to these long-established processes were made only during the pandemic. She seemed to be on the decline, but a special operation began. And many stars again had difficulties. So, according to leading ticket services, tickets are now sold 56 percent less than in the same period of the happy pre-pandemic era.

Experts are trying to find an explanation for this. They note, for example, the fact that many Western performers have canceled their performances in Russia. And those who planned to go to concerts of foreign stars decided not to go anywhere at all. The fans of those musicians who did not support the special operation and either left the country or simply took a fundamental break in their careers are now staying at home. As a result, the entertainment industry lost about 30 percent of its assets. At the same time, the cost of tickets for concerts has increased (by almost 54 percent compared to prices in 2019). And it turned out that the concert venues in many cases stopped being filled even by half.

– It’s all connected with global inflation, – said the well-known promoter Sergei Lavrov. Everything has gone up in price! Sugar, flour, building materials have risen in price… And people now buy the most necessary things first of all. And save money on entertainment. I think that this is a temporary phenomenon, because the people have always wanted bread and circuses. As soon as the situation settles down, people will definitely return to the spectacles. We must also understand that covid also scared people away from concerts, when due to quarantine, events were canceled or postponed, and the audience was not returned the money. There, the organizers themselves found themselves in flight and losses. Everything along the chain collapsed. But will the audience understand this? Many now simply do not want to buy tickets in advance. Suddenly the concert will be canceled again, and the money will not be returned …

– So our stars are now in crisis again?

– Not all. There are artists who go, no matter what! For example, “Hands up!” collects stadiums! Rappers are touring the country with great success. SHAMAN is in great demand. He has the whole autumn painted. And in whatever city you try to buy a ticket for it, they will not sell you, because everything has already been sold! If the artist is interesting to the public, then the audience flocks to the concert, forgetting about the crisis and not paying attention to how much the tickets cost.

– They say that many artists, in order to spur demand for their performances, began to reduce fees by an average of 20-30 percent. Is it so?

– Not. Raised! Everything has gone up in price. And the artists too. Those who move big money and hold private parties, they are not impoverished. And are willing to pay. Artists are raising prices. For example, Valeria’s corporate party used to cost 3-5 million, and now it’s 5-7 million. Stas Mikhailov raised the fee. Leps began to cost more – 7 million. Here the fact that competition has diminished also played a role. After all, many artists left the race after the start of the special operation. And made way for colleagues. Of the actively touring singers, we still have Valeria, Lolita and Polina Gagarina. Because Loboda left, Ani Lorak does not work, because she is afraid that she will be torn apart in Ukraine. Nargis is banned. Sofia Rotaru is in Ukraine and, unfortunately, cannot come to us. There were also such Potap and Nastya. Now there is neither Potap nor his Nastya. Meladze was often ordered before, but now they are afraid of him like fire. In general, a lot of men also moved into the shadows. Who is available? Leps, Kirkorov, Baskov, Agutin. And that’s it!

Lydia Mezina.

Photo: A. Avilov / AGN “Moscow”

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