May 15, 2020
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Star tips on how to be slim and healthy: greens – for the skin, soup puree – for satiety

In a couple of months of isolation, the figures of many have changed. Some have a plus sign, while others have a minus sign. How to be in shape - advice from stars who keep themselves in good shape.

More movement!

Vera Brezhneva believes that healthy sleep, proper nutrition and regular exercise are the basis of good appearance and well-being.

And if many still try to somehow turn to food attention, there are problems with the movement.

“Movement is what makes us healthy, the body is young, and the body is saturated with oxygen,” Vera assures. - And now I'm not talking about movement - to clean the apartment or look after the child on the street. This is also an activity, but not one that benefits the body. And proper movement can give new opportunities to the body.

This is a charge. Any. No matter how busy we are, 15 minutes a day for health is a real contribution! It seems, what can it give? First off, it's better than nothing. Secondly, if you do this every day without missing, you will still see and feel the changes in the body. It can be 5 Tibetan pearls, or maybe any of your other favorite exercises, up to an easy warm-up of the joints. Encourage your partner or child.

Walking at a pace. The most important thing for walking is the right shoes. And here walking can be anything: around the house, in the park, to work and back, even with a pram. It can be walking or Scandinavian - my favorite.

Training. Any training at home or outdoors, in the gym, with or without a coach. A lot of workouts are now available online! The main thing is to find the one that suits you specifically. With the right load for you. But do at least three times a week.

What if you like dancing - dance! In general - we instill the habit of moving with benefit! Together with good eating habits, this will give you tangible results and satisfaction!

Our beauty is in the green!

Miroslava Ulyanina , ex-presenter of “Zvazhenikh that shchashikhih”, nutritionist, trainer, never tires of reminding: eat as much greens as possible, this is your beauty elixir:

- In 90% of cases you do not eat enough greens. I analyze the diets of those who turn to me for consultations - and each time during the dialogue it turns out: you have 2-3 options of greens, but you don’t buy another, don’t eat, don’t know, ”says Miroslava. - And the greens should be on the menu 3 times a day. From it, the formation of each of your plates should begin. If it is salad during the day and evening, then in the morning I insist on smoothies or smoothie-bowls, because chlorophyll is better absorbed in liquid form.

What is the value of chlorophyll?

- The structure of the chlorophyll molecule almost completely coincides with the structure of the red pigment of human blood - hemoglobin. The only difference in the structure of these two substances is the atom in the center. In the chlorophyll molecule, this is magnesium, and in the hemoglobin molecule, it is iron, ”Ulyanina explains. - In the United States, for ten years, chlorophyll has been called the green elixir of beauty. It cleanses the body, improves skin quality, normalizes the PH balance, which stimulates the production of collagen. An effective way to have clean skin - without rashes, a gray tint, allergic reactions to any climate change. This method sounds like this: drink-eat-add wherever greenery is added. Chlorophyll enters the body, oxygen transport to the tissues improves and, as a result, the skin tissue is in good condition.

Strengthens the immune system, increases the body's defenses. Normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, which helps relieve stress. It is able to remove the remnants of toxins and medicines, as well as bind radioactive substances and remove them from the body.

It is able to inhibit the growth of malignant tumors. It contains vitamins A, C and K, folic acid, iron and calcium.

If you want to eat, drink it!

TV presenter Masha Efrosinina admits: she is the opponent of any diets.

“I know for sure that diets are evil, especially short-term ones,” Masha says. - I am for a disciplined and rational approach to my diet.

One of the important and key rules of Efrosinina is soup puree.

- When I was taught to eat again, eat , to love the food that I considered my enemy, experts told me: if you want to eat, drink it! - says Masha. - When we make some chewing movements, our brain receives information that once food enters our body, it must be digested, something must be postponed if this food is superfluous and we have not consumed all of it in calories. And when you drink, the brain does not receive this information. For example, I can’t eat water. Therefore, you can saturate yourself with mashed soup. Vegetable soup is always in my refrigerator.

The TV presenter says that you can make soup from anything - cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, spinach ... But! There is an important nuance.

- The only thing is without cream, sour cream, milk. Add whatever you want: pepper, turmeric, hazel, but don't be fooled. If there is butter, cream, milk, something that makes food that is safe for your body and body, then you are wasting your time.

So always keep fresh in the refrigerator vegetable puree soup and remember the rule: if you want to eat, drink it! Even if you have eaten and after a few hours you feel an appetite, you can always eat a gram 200 of warm mashed soup - you will get enough and kill your appetite. Be healthy! And remember - a healthy person is not complete.

Balanced diet

Nastya Kamenskih , like Vera Brezhneva, too believes that the main key to success is sports and proper nutrition. And has long been promoting a healthy lifestyle. During quarantine, the singer told and showed how her day goes and shared her menu.

Usually Kamensky wakes up early - at 6 in the morning. An empty stomach drinks a glass of plain water. According to her, this is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

- Usually, Lesha and I run early in the morning, do a training session with Andrei (trainer of the couple. - Auth.). Then we go to the shower and eat, ”she says.

For breakfast, Nastya has long preferred oatmeal, where she adds grated apples. In 10. 30 - lunch: avocado, salted salmon and scrambled eggs. For lunch - grilled veal steak, wild rice and green salad (lettuce, bell pepper, corn and olive oil, salt to taste). In 17. 40 the actress prepared asparagus with meat for dinner.

Choose the same thing

The secret of a gorgeous figure Jay Law , one of the most attractive women on the planet, revealed her personal Cook Calvin Fernandez. The best part is that the star diet is available to literally everyone.

- Before, I had no idea how to eat vegetables for breakfast. It turns out you can! She eats scrambled eggs with vegetables three times a day, day after day. She generally tries to eat the same thing every day, ”Fernandez said.

When Lopez was preparing to speak at the Super Bowl of America, she asked the cook to reduce the usual amount of sugar and carbohydrates. In addition, the beauty Jennifer fanatically trains - every hour for an hour.

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