Oct 12, 2020
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Star of “Daddy’s Daughters” Andrei Leonov spoke about the novel by Pavel Priluchny and Miroslava Karpovich

12:34, 10/12/2020

The actor approved the relationship of the lovers.

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Pavel Priluchny, 32, divorced 31-year-old Agatha Muceniece this summer after nine years of marriage. The couple have two children together, but this could not save the relationship of the spouses. A few days after the end of the divorce proceedings, Priluchny provoked rumors about a new romance. The actor was noticed in the company of the star of "Daddy's Daughters" Miroslava Karpovich.

Later, Pavel, along with his children from Muceniece, went on vacation to the Crimea. As it turned out, Miroslava went with them. The footage from the couple's vacation instantly scattered on the Web, and no one had any doubts that Priluchny had started dating Karpovich. After the actors returned to Moscow, a number of media outlets disseminated information that Miroslava had moved to Pavel's country house, where he had previously lived with Agata Muceniece and their children. Sources referring to the neighbors of the actor said that the star of "Daddy's Daughters" immediately after the move began to behave like a mistress. True, the lovers themselves did not comment on this information. Later there were rumors that the couple had moved to a new house, and Pavel was selling the house he bought in marriage with Agatha.

Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece

The performer of the role of the father of the heroine Miroslava in the TV series "Daddy's Daughters" Andrei Leonov approved the novel by Priluchny and his screen daughter. The actor believes that Priluchny made the right choice, deciding to link his fate with Miroslava, whom Leonov studied well over many years of work on the series. The actor is sure that the new relationship will benefit the young charismatic colleague, which he spoke about on the air of the program "Stars converged" on NTV, in which it was said that Pavel was selling his mansion, in which he lived with ex-wife Agata Muceniece, for 200 million rubles. This amount caused the outrage of some of the studio guests. Leonov, in response, stood up for Priluchny.

Shot from the series "Daddy's Daughters"

“Mira Karpovich has appeared, so now his life will improve. He will sell everything. And if he doesn't sell, he must burn it! Burn this house, as well as an apartment, ”the actor said in a humorous manner. Leonov suggested that Priluchny probably wants to start life from scratch, and therefore sells a house in which he does not feel like the owner.

It is worth noting that public interest in the couple is not abating. Almost every week, new details about the novel of Pavel and Miroslava appear. So, earlier it became known that the actor presented the new darling with a car, which Agata Muceniece had previously driven. And although Pavel has already asked fans not to write to him under the publications in his microblog on Instagram about Miroslav, relevant questions still appear. As a result, Pavel could not resist and in a sharp form advised one of the users to unsubscribe from him on Instagram.

Miroslava Karpovich

We add that after a divorce from Priluchny, Agata Muceniece lost several roles that she had previously played with him. At first it became known that the actress would not appear in the sequel to the series "In a Cage". And in early August, Agatha announced that she was expelled from the cast of the play "Reluctant Adventurers". Mutseniece noted that the management of Teatrium na Serpukhovka did not warn her about the dates of the performances in the new theatrical season. According to the actress, these days she had already planned to participate in other projects, and the producer and director of the production did not agree on dates with her director. Now Miroslava Karpovich will play the main role in the play with Priluchny.

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